These are the blogs I’m reading:

Alderrr: This is my wife, Reanna’s, tumblr. She posts photos and thoughts about desert homesteading, crafting, and quilting. It’s lovely.

Always Hungry: This is my friend Matt’s blog. He’s just getting going, but I expect great things from him. He’s smart, a deep thinker, and cares more than most about social justice.

AmosAmos: This is my friend, Amos, who writes about psychology, complexity theory, and therapy, in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.

A Maggid’s Musings: The blog of my friend, David, who writes about being a father, teaching math, creating role-playing games, and many, many other topics.

ColorSong: This is the art of my friend Tilke Elkins, who used to make All Round Magazine, which I was marketing director for. She is amazing.

Corrina Corrina: This is Corrina, of my second family, the Murdys. She’s an excellent photographer and posts a lot of her work, plus very funny, wry observations.

Joshua Tree Homestead: This is my sister-in-law, Maya. She’s great. She writes about cooking, gardening, growing chickens (and killing them!), living in Joshua Tree, and raising a son, from the perspective of someone raised in the big city.

JT Easy: This is my dad’s blog. He writes political commentary, mostly, and tends to be both heartfelt and funny. You will not enjoy it if you are a Republican.

Livin’ the Good Life: This is my mama, Darlene. She writes about her life and ideas, in an honest and open way.

The Blog of Author Blake Boles: My friend, Blake, writes about alternative education.

The Quodlibetarian: This is my friend, Ethan. He may be the smartest person I know. His writing is so good that I almost abandoned my blog when I came across his. He’s put in more than his 10,000 hours already–he wrote an average of 4 hours a day between the ages of 13 and 31! It shows. “Quodlibetarian” is apparently a medieval word for someone who lectures about everything. I guess he couldn’t find a medieval word for someone who manages to have deep and compelling insight about everything, or maybe he did but was too modest. I’m sure he would wince if he read this, but wince away, Ethan! It won’t stop it from being true. He has a few other blogs, too: The Recursive Muffin is his tumblr, which he’s writing for a lot lately. The Other Poles is his blog about finding the corners of states. Riddles With the Sphinx is his blog about his artificial intelligence project. Susannah and Ethan is a blog he writes with his wife, about her struggle with a rare form of leukemia.

Womantalk: This is Jeannie, mother of two, very hip, widely traveled, eclectic enthusiast, an excellent writer, and a good friend for 15 years. She writes about everything that interests her, which is a lot. She was my main inspiration (or perhaps goad) to start blogging.

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