Watching sunrises and sunsets

Playing in a warm enough ocean

Watching the seagulls, ducks, geese, and crows down by the Willamette River

The colors, shapes, and patterns of nature, especially light on running water and tree branches and leaves

Watching flocks of birds taking off and flying/wheeling

Seeing spring flowers, especially tree flowers, and how they remind me of my mom and her mom

Being touched affectionately

Finishing a project

Writing a new song

Listening to great singers like my brother Damian or David Waingarten

Listening to a great record straight through with friends

Being at a great concert

Reading a great book

Having a great book read to me

Watching a great movie

How I feel after a workout

Dancing to a great song with an experienced follow who is really liking the dance

Experiencing a mental “ca-chunk,” when things come clearly together, like when I first learned about plate tectonics

Having philosophical conversations with friends

My room, clean and candle-lit

The smell of the Mohave Desert after a rain

Explaining something really well

Playing with kids

Being useful