I was a relative late-comer to iTunes and only got the bulk of my CD collection into my computer in the last six months, so most of you have probably discovered this long ago, but I’ve been having fun listening to the mixes that come up when I search random words.  Here is my weird, kind of cool “broken” mix:

“Broken Arrow,” Buffalo Springfield

“Broken Chairs,” Built to Spill

“Broken Head,” Catherine Wheel

“Monument,” Depeche Mode (from A Broken Frame)

“This Broken Heart,” Funkadelic

“Broken Harpoon,” The Jayhawks

“Broken Promise,” New Order

“Broken Face,” Pixies

“Steady As She Goes,” Raconteurs (from Broken Boy Soldiers)

“Born of a Broken Man,” Rage Against the Machine

“Broken Nose,” Catherine Wheel

“The World of Broken Hearts,” Elvis Costello & The Attractions

If I make a long list by searching something that will come up a lot, like “love,” I’ll sort by the year and get Love Through the Ages.