In case you’re not up to date on the current American Psychological Association guidelines, they decided in their recent let’s-hit-the-college-kids-up-for-more-money new edition of their style guide (Don’t buy it, by the way. Go here instead.) that we now have to put two instead of one space after each period.

That’s why this email I got from Reanna is funny:

The two spaces after a period convention came about in reaction to the monospace fonts of typewriters (they’re so gappy that the extra space helped to differentiate the end of the sentence). Now all the fonts we use are proportional (except courier), and typesetters agree that two spaces is wrong.
“We would never accept teachers pushing other outmoded ideas on kids because that’s what was popular back when they were in school. The same should go for typing. So, kids, if your teachers force you to use two spaces, send them a link to this article. Use this as your subject line: “If you type two spaces after a period, you’re doing it wrong.”

Somebody tell the APA.