R: I’m ordering tags to sew onto the napkins I’m making for the wedding, so people can use them for souvenir hankees or something. I was going to put “Nathen and Reanna, May 16, 2012.”

N: Good idea.

R: Should I put something else on it?

N: What do you mean?

R: I just thought you might come up with something poetic, you know, that summed us up nicely.

N: Oh, yeah, like a slogan. We need a slogan for the wedding!

R: Hmm.

N: How about “Grins Galore”?

R: Ha!

N: “Ta-ta for now”?

R: “TTFN?”

N: No! “Enchantment Under the Sea”

R: God…

N: Oh, I’ve really got it: “A Salute to our Veterans”

R: Unfortunately, I just pressed the “send” key. Too late.