9 hours consultation with John V.

5 hours of lessons from Joe D., with Damian, Gabriel

32 hours clinical supervision with Mat Judd

12 Bradley childbirth classes by Darlene L.

Gerry Grossman’s California MFT ethics exam practice test bank

Trauma Resiliency Model, level 2 training with Elaine Miller-Karas, 3 days

DBT Advanced Techniques Relias training

CBT Relias Training

Pacific Clinics Training Institute DSM training: Introduction to the DSM-5, Diagnosing Children and Adolescents with DSM-5 (took this training twice)

Heaven’s Gate documentary

How We Got to Now: Clean, Time

99% Invisible: 216-The Blazer Experiment; 215-H-Day; 213-Separation Anxiety; 205-Flying Food; 204-The SoHo Effect; 202-Mojave Phone Booth; 199-The Yin and Yang of Basketball; 195-Best Enjoyed By; 193-Tube Benders; 192-Pagodas and Dragon Gates; 191-Worst Smell in the World; 190-Fixing the Hobo Suit; 186 – War and Pizza

Bulletproof Radio: Why We Need to KO the GMO with Don Huber; Mark Sisson: Get Primal on Your Cardio; May Q&A: Sinuses, Teens, Depression & Dave’s last Meal on Earth – #312; Tony Robbins & Peter Diamandis – Special Podcast, Live From The Genius Network; Jonny Bowden – The Proof is in the Pork #305; Gerald Pollack – It’s Not Liquid, It’s Water: #304; Dan Yachter & Deed harrison – Your place or spine?: #302; Barry Sears – Fertility & Food, Flavonoids & Inflammation: #300; Exclusive Interview with Ketone Expert Dr. Richard Veech – #299; April Q&A – Lyme disease, Heart Rate Variability & Skincare: #297; March Q&A: Breathwork, STress Hacks, Combating Pre-Diabetes & More! – #293; Brant Cortright – Neurogenisis Diet & Combating Cognitive Decline: #287; Neil Strauss – Situational & Behavioral Awareness: #282; Alexander Wunsch: Light Medicine, Photobiology and Vitamin D – #277; January Q&A: Light Therapy, Lipoic Supplements, Dental Health & More! – #276; Stephen Porges The Polyvagal Theory & The Vagal Nerve #264 (x3 all together);

The Daily Evolver: Sanders’ Amazing Race – Policing Trump-speak – Un unlikely source of Muslim rage; The practice of integrating God and Emptiness: a conversation with Steve McIntosh; Trump versus Clinton: the roller derby begins; Insect consciousness – Saving the Elephants – The Witch: movie review – Plus, Trump’s the one!; The psychology of politics: a conversation with Dr. Keith Witt; “I, my brother and my cousin against the stranger.” The soul of Saudi Arabia. Plus Bence Ganti on IEC 2016; Jeff speaks with Bence Ganti about “Reinventing Europe”, IEC 2016; First tier food fight: Red Trump to Green Sanders; Can integral theory solve climate change and save democracy: A conversation with Alan Watkins; The Warrior and the Man of Wisdom: Jeff and Dr. Keith on the nature of masculinity; The Mormon faith crisis: can integral thinking help? A conversation with author Thomas McConkie; Dr. Keith Witt on how to regulate anxiety; Steve McIntosh on polarity theory and a path forward in US politics, (plus Donald Trump!); Validation for Einstein, funeral for Scalia, plus America’s gun-love; Trumping the Republicans: Donald Trump projects red consciousness, but is that who he is?; Integral political practice: How to endure Ted Cruz. Plus, the Mormon faith crisis; Integral sex therapy with Dr. Keith Witt; Bernie Sanders: Catalyzing the politics of green; The soul of jazz part 2: A conversation with integral music critic Greg Thomas; Political correctness and the evolution of culture; The soul of jazz part 1: A conversation with integral music critic Greg Thomas; The practice of miracles: A brief holiday message from Jeff; From midlife crisis to a deeper sense of self, with Dr. Keith Witt; Terror and backlash in America: The San Bernardino attack and its effect on US politics; The integral guide to divorce, with dr. Keith Witt; The practice of the marital love affair, with Dr. Keith Witt; The holy war on modernity: an integral analysis of the Paris attacks; Towards a trans-rational theory of the soul (several times all together); Jeff catches up with integral artist Stuart Davis; Spirituality and psychotherapy: Integrating the two great paths of development; Ken Wilber on magic vs psychic; Turning destructive shado into constructive shadow with Dr. Keith Witt; The pop culture conveyer belt: How judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Oprah, and Don Draper grow us up; What depression is trying to tell us with Dr. Keith Witt; Fifty shades of shadow work: What happens when integral gets kinky; More pain, less suffering; Dr. Keith on loving completely; Gay pride, white privilege; Lying as violence and truth as a practice, with Dr. Keith Witt; Finding a way through to love: Dr. Keith Witt on what makes a happy marriage; The neurobiology of shadow; Ought we be ashamed?; We’re Goodness, truth and beauty machines; The look and feel of integral consciousness

FiveThirtyEight Elections: Emergency Live-Show Brexit Results Pod: 6/24/16; Brexit Polls Are A Mess: 6/20/16; Kitchen Table Politics: The Cost of Caring for Kids: 6/15/16; Orlando: 6/13/16; On the Media: Trump and Us: 6/11/16; Goodbye, Primaries: 6/6/16; A Third Party’s Moment: 5/31/16; DOC: Obama and His Pastor: 5/26/16: Tighten Up: 5/23/16

Freakonomics Radio: Why Do We Really Follow the News? Are We in a Mattress-Store Bubble? The Longest Long Shot; How to Win Games and Beat People; How to Get More Grit in Your Life; Being Malcolm Gladwell; How to Become Great at Just about Anything; How to Be More Productive; Is the World Ready for a Guaranteed Basic income? The Economics of Sleep, parts 1 & 2; Yes, the American Economy is in a Funk–But Not for the Reasons You Think; The No-Tipping Point; Who Needs Handwriting? Is America’s Education Problem Really Just a Teacher Problem? Do Boycotts Work? How to Be Less Terrible at Predicting the Future; The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap; When Willpower Isn’t Enough

Hidden Brain: 33 – Food for Thought; 27 – Losing Alaska; 26 – Grit; 23 – Boredom; 19 – Dating and Mating; 17 – Resolutions; 16 – Misbehaving; 15 – Loss and Renewal; 13 – Terrorism; 12 – Humor; 11 – Forgery; 10 – Thanksgiving; 9 – Aziz Ansari on Modern Love; 8 – Back Up Plans; 7 – Lonely Hearts; 6 – The Science of Fear; 5 – Compassion; 4 – Students and Teachers; 3 – Stereotype Threat; Magic Brain; 2 – Near Victories; 1 – Switchtracking

Imaginary Worlds: The Year Without a Summer; The Robot Uprising; Humans: New & Improved; Economics of Thrones and Starships; Why They Fight; Imagining Wonder Woman; Inside the Snow Globe; The Expanded Universe; Han Shot Solo; Slave Leia; Empire vs Rebels; 1977

Longform: 196 – Jon Favreau; 188 – Nate Silver; 62 – Malcolm Gladwell

The Memory Palace: 90 – A White Horse; 88 – Open Road; 87 – Victory; 86 – Finishing Hold; 85 – AKA Leo; 84 – Homesteading; 82 – The Wheel; M – Gallery 742; 80 – Shore Leave; 79 – Artist in Landscape; 78 – Butterflies; 76 – Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted; 75 – The Ballad of Captain Dwight; 74 – Craning; 73 – Notes on an Imagined Plaque to be Added to the Statue of General Nathan Bedford Forrest; 72 – Zulu Charlie Romeo; 70 Developments in the Design and Manufacture of American Menswear 1840-1860, a Fable; 69 – Charlie: God of Rain; 68 – White Heat, White Lights; 67 – Every Night Ever; 66 – The Pirate Queen; 65 – Two-Dimensional Projectile Motion Problems; 64 – The 7th Story;  63 – Other Bodies; 62 – We’ve Forgotten James Powell; 61 – The Glowing Orbs; 60 – 400,000 Stars; 59 – Harriet Quimby; 58 – Shadowboxing; 57 – I’m Still Alive; 56 – The Rush of the River and the Roar of the Falls; 55 O, How We Danced; 54 – Origin Stories; 53 – Guinea Pig; 51 – Giants in Those Days; 50 – Fifty Words Written After Learning that the Arctic Bowhead Whale Can Live up to 200 Years; 49 – Dreamland; 48 – Picture in a Box; 47 – The Rise and Fall of Rising and Falling; 46 – After Party; 45 – Heard, Once; 0 – Re-Up; 44 – Distance; 43 – Far Below Lake Michigan; 42 – What They Saw; 41 – Mary, Mary, and Mercy; 40 – Crazy Bet; 39 – Road Trip; 38 – A Stretch; 37 – Natural Curiosity; 36 – Six Scenes in the Life of William J. Sidis, Wonderful Boy; 35 – A Brief Eulogy for a Consumer Electronics Product; 34 – Soldier Frum; 33 – Lost Lobsters; 32 – Gigantic; 31 – Looking Up; 30 – Nee Weinberg; 29 – OMG!!! JKP!!!; 28 – Babysitting; 27 – The Sisters Fox; 26 – Citius, Altius, Fortius, Horrendius; 25 – I Have Not Yet Begun to Rot; 24 – The Moon in the Sun; 23 – 400 Words for 79th Street; 22 – You Know You’re Sick; 21 – A Gas Gas Gas; 20 – This Ungainly Fowl; 19 – Dam! 18 – Dig Set Spike; 17 – Plummeting Approval; 16 – Secret Kitty; 15 – Presidente Walker; 14 – The Messrs. Craft; 13 – High Above Lake Michigan; 12 – These Words, Forever; 11 – The Brothers Booth; 10 – International Brotherhood of Mothers; 9 – Ben Franklin Death Ray; 8 – The World Within the World; 7 – Li’l Nipper; 6 – The Saddest President; 5 – Oh My! 4 – Itty Bitty Bombs; 3 – High Societies; 2 – Lost Pigeons; 1 – Horrible Deaths

The New Yorker Radio Hour: 35 – Samantha Bee’s Fury, and Staffing the Supreme Court; 34 – Cats vs. Dogs and the Late Zaha Hadid; 33 – Awkward Dog Banter, and the Marxist Who Brought Us “Hamilton”; 32 – Lena Dunham Turns Thirty, and Memorial Day Malaise; 31 – Larry Wilmore on Presidential Comedians, and James O’Keefe’s Blunder; 30 – The Politics of Genetics, Virtual REality, and a Sound Castle in New Jersey; 29 – The Missing Boater and Robert Glasper; 28 – Annie Dillard, Anohni’s New Sound, and Torture in a Florida Prison; 27 – Who Will Care For Our Parents; 26 – Syrian War Crimes, Country Music, and a Central Park Salad; 25 – The Ballad of a Trump Fan, and the LIttle Mermaid Gets Dumped; 24 – Larry David, Amy Poehler, and Randy Newman; 23 – The Birth of Instagram, and Tunisia’s Jihadis; 22 – Nate Silver on Trumps Versus Cruz, and Roz Chast’s Horses; 21 – Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the Presidential Race, and Malcolm Gladwell on School Shootings; 20 – GPS for Drunks, and Coming Home to Serbia; 19 – Father Pfleger, Larry David, and the History of Autism; 18 – Maria Bamford, and Fighting for Baltimore; 17 – Cuba Gooding Jr., on OJ Simpson, and Embracing Insomnia; 16 – Laura Poitras, David Bowie’s Last Band, and the Poet Brenda Shaughnessy; 15 – Lin-Manuel on the Dirty Politics and the Founding Fathers; Marc Maron Just Needs to Talk; 14 –  The Koch Brothers, the Ninth pLanet, and an Undefeated Female Boxer; 13 – El Chapo v. Flores Brothers, and Jack Handey’s Santa Fe; 12 – Sarah Koenig on “Serial,” and a Resilient Poet; 11 – Life as a Reporter Covering ISIS, and Puppet Sex; 10 – Lenny Shiller’s Famous Cars, and the Search for a Lost Father; 9 – Christmas Skies Full of Drones, and Donald Trump’s Ultimate Luxury; 8 – The Missing Boater, and Robert Glasper; 7 – The Mayor and the Mormon Church, and Roger Angell; 6 – Two Writers and a Rock Star on Stage; 5 – city Slickers and Soul Food; 4 – Surfing Lessons in a Warming World; 3 – Hacking for the Masses, and Gloria Steinem; 2 – Amy Schumer, Jorge Ramos, and the search for a Lost Father; 1 – Boarding Call

The New Yorker Out Loud: Beyond “Citizen Kane”; What it Means to Be a Sports Fan; What is R&B Now? The Pleasures of Disgust; This Podcast Will Change Your Life; Serena and the Big Four

The New Yorker: Poetry: JD McClatchy Reads James Merrill; Ellen Bass Reads Adam Zagajewski; Meghan O’Rourke Reads John Ashberry; Calvin Trillin reads Ogden Nash; Rosanna Warren Reads Ellen Bryant Voight

The New Yorker: The Front Row: The Immigrant; Taxi; The Wolf of Wall Street; To Sleep With Anger; Hard, Fast and Beautiful; Damsels in Distress; Christmas Holiday; Written on the Wind; You are All Captains; The Trial

Planet Money: 707 – Brexit; 706 – Water’s Worth; 705 – The Muscle Patents; 704 – Open Office; 703 – How to Hide a Million Dollars in Plain Sight; 702 – Nigeria, You Win! 701 – A Bank Without Interest; 700 – Peanuts and Cracker Jack; 699 – Why Did the Job Cross the Road; 698 – The Long Way Home; 697 – Help Wanted; 696 – Class Action; 695 – Put a Chip on it; 694 – The Gun That Wouldn’t Shoot; 693 – Unpayable; 692 – The Secret Life of Line 24; 691 – The Great Unbundling; 690 – All In; 689 – A Hedge Fund, A Country, and a Big Sailboat; 688 – Brilliant Vs Boring; 687 – Buy This Passport; 686 – If Elected President; 685 – Larry vs. the IRS; 682 – When CEO Pay Exploded; 678 – Auction Fever; 677 – The Experiment Experiment; 676 – 10 11 51 62 18; 675 – The Cost of Winning; 15 – Delicious Cake Futures; 674 We Cooked a Peacock; 673 – The Rest of the Story, 2015 Edition; 672 – Bagging the Birkin; 671 – An Insider Trader Tells All; 670 – The Santa Suit; 669 – A or B; 667 – Auditing ISIS; 666 – Hoverboard Life; 665 – The Pickle Problem; 664 – The Great Inflation; 663 – Money Trees; 662 – OMG TPP; 661 – The Less Deadly Catch; 660 – The T-Rex in My Backyard; 659 – How to Make $3 Trillion Disappear; 658 – Strike One; 657 – The Tale of the Onion King; 656 – Bubblelicious; 655 – Pay Patients, Save Money; 654 – When the Boats Arrive; 653 – The Anti-Store; 652 – The Hydrox Ressurection; 651 – The Salmon Taboo; 650 – The Scariest Thing In Hollywood; 649 – China, China, China; 648 – The Benefits of Bankruptcy;

Radiolab: The Buried Bodies Case; Bigger than Bacon; On the Edge; Cellmates; Debatable; K-Poparazzi; Hard Knock Life; I Don’t Have to Answer That; The Cathedral; The Fix; The Cold War; Birthstory; Staph Retreat; Smile My Ass

Revisionist History: Saigon, 1965; The Lady Vanishes

Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Brian Christian: Algorythms to Live By; Walter Mischel: The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control; Priyamvada Natarajan: Solving Dark Matter and Dark Energy; Jan Langdale: Radical Ag: C4 Rice and Beyond; Stephen Pyne: Fire Slow, Fire Fast, Fire Deep; Eric Cline: 1177BC: When Civilization Collapsed; Philip Tetlock: Superforcasting; Andy Weir: The Red Planet For Real; James Fallows: Civilization’s Infrastructure; Saul Griffith: Infrastructure and Climate Change; Roger Kennedy: The Political History of North America.

TED Radio Hour: What Is Original? The Unknown Brain; The Money Paradox; In Search of; 7 Deadly Sins; Courage; Building Better Cities; What is Beauty? Believers and Doubters; The Hero’s Journey; Getting Organized; Just a Little Nicer; Disruptive Leadership; Adaptation; Headspace; Open Source World;

This American Life: 589 – Tell Me I’m Fat; 588 – Mind Games 2016; 585 – In Defense of Ignorance; 584 – For Your Reconsideration; 579 – My Damn Mind; 578 – I Thought I  Knew You; 214 – Family Physics; 577 – Something Only I Can See; 576 – Say Yes to Christmas; 575 – Poetry of Propaganda; 574 – Sinatra’s 100th Birthday; 573 – Status Update; 572 – Tranformers; 571 – The Heart Wants What It Wants; 570 – The Night in Question; 569 – Put a Bow on It; 568 – Human Spectacle 2015; Also probably 565-567.

The Tim Ferriss Show: 169 – Useful Lessons from Workaholics Anonymous, Corporate IMplosions, and More;  168 – Dissecting the Success of Malcolm Gladwell; 166 – How Creatives Should Negotiate; 164 – Kevin Kelly – AI, Virtual Reality, and the Inevitable; 161 – Lessons from War, Tribal Societies, and a Non-Fiction Life (Sebastian Junger); 159 – How to Optimize Creative Output – Jarvis versus Ferriss; 158 – The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training; 155 – On Zero-to-Hero Transformations; 153 – The Man Who Studied 1,000 Deaths to Learn How to Live; 162 – On Philosophy and Riches; 151 – How to Overcome Fear – Lessons from Firefighter and Luger, Caroline Paul; 150 – Morgan Spurlock: Inside the Mind of a Human Guinea Pig; 148 – Josh Waitzkin, the Prodigy Returns; 147 – How to Avoid the Busy Trap (And Other Misuses of You Time); 146 – The Random Show, Ice Cold Edition; 144 – How to 10x Your Results, One Tiny Tweak at a Time; 142 – How to Achieve Self-Ownership; 140 – Shaun White: The Most Unholy Snowboarder Ever; 134 – The Tao of Seneca; 133 – Edward Norton on Mastery, Must-Read Books, and the Future of Crowd Funding; 132 – Chris Sacca on Shark Tank, Building Your Business, and Startup Mistakes; 131 – Eric Weinstein on Challending “reality” Working with Peter Thiel, and Destroying Education to Save it; 130 – Daymond John on How to Turn Weaknesses into Strengths; 129 – Recommendations and Resolutions for 2016 – Kevin Rose and Tim Ferriss; 128 – Derek Sivers Reloaded – On Success Habits and Billionaires with Perfect Abs; 126 – 25 Things I’ve Learned from Podcast Guests in 2015; 125 – Derek Sivers on Developing Confidence, Finding Happiness, and Saying “No” to millions; 124 – Jamie Foxx on Workout Routines, Success Habits, and Untold Hollywood Stories; 123 – Rainn Wilson on Meditation, The Sexy Nostril Exercise, and Acting as Therapy; 122 – The Magic of Mindfulness: Complain Less, Appreciate More, and Live a Better Life; 121 – BJ Novak of the Office on Creative process, handling Rejection, and Good Comedy; 120 – Will MacAskill on Effective Altruism, Y Combinator, and Artificial Intelligence; 119 – Kevin Costner on Building His Career, Positive Self-Talk, and Making Dances with Wolves Happen; 118 – How Philosophy Can Change Your Life, Alain de botton; 117 – Dom D’Agostino on Fasting, Ketosis, and the End of Cancer; 116 – How Casey Neistat Gets Away with Murder; 115 – Thinking about Extra Dimensions with Physicist Lisa Randall; 114 – The Athlete (And Artist) Who Cheats Death, Jimmy Chin; 113 – 5 Tools I Use For Faster and Better Sleep; 112 – The Nasty Icon of retail, Sophia Amoruso; 111 – Should You Start a “Startup” or Build a Cash-Flow Business; 109 – The 5 Things I Did to Become a Better Investor; 108 – Comedy’s Dynamic Duo, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; 107 – The Scariest Navy SEAL I’ve Ever Met…And What He Taught Me; 105 – 5 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win The Day;  104 – Are Psychedelic Drugs the Next Medical Breakthrough? 103 – Drunk Dialing Fans–Celebrating the 100th Podcast Episode! 102 – “The Iceman,” Wim Hof; 101 – The Oracle of Silicon Valley, Reid Hoffman (Plus: Michael McCullough); 1 – Kevin Rose; 2 – Joshua Waitzkin; 3 – Kelly Starrett and Dr. Justin Mager; 6 – 6 Formulas for More Output and Less Overwhelm; 9 – The 9 Habits to Stop Now–The No-To-Do List; 11 – Drugs and the Meaning of Life; 12 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Life Extension, Performance, and More; 13 – “Productivity” Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy; 14 – Sam Harris, PhD – Spirituality, Neuroscience, Meditation, and More; 15 – Neil Strauss – Author of the Game and 7 New York Times Best Sellers; 25 – Kevin Kelly- WIRED Co-Founder, POlymath, Most Interesting Man in the World; 28 – Peter Theil, Billionaire Investor and Company Creator on Investing, Business and Life; 35 – Tony Robbins and peter Diamandis on the Magic of Thinking BIG; 37 – Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance and Mastering Money; 73 – A Chess Prodigy on Mastering Marital Arts, Chess and Life; 83 – The Maverick of Brain Optimization; 86 – General Stan McChrystal on Eating One Meal Per Day, Special Ops, and Mental Toughness; 87 – Sam Harris on Daily Routines, The Trolley Scenario, and 5 Books Everyone Should Read; 88 – Stanley McChrystal on Anti-War Americans, Pushing Your LImits, ad nthe Three Military Tests; 91 – Charles Poliquin on Strength Training, Shredding Boddy Fat, and Increasing Testosterone and Sex Drive; 93 – Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and the Health Benefits of Gaming; 94 – Tara Brach on Meditation and Overcoming FOMO; 96 – Kevin Kelly on Artificial Intelligence and Designer Babies; 99 – How to Build a World Class Network in Record Time.

Waking Up with Sam Harris: 38 – The End of Faith Sessions 2 (first hour only); 37 – Thinking in Public: A Conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson; 36 – What Makes Us Safer? A Conversation with Juliette Kayyem; 34 – The Light of the Mind: A Conversation with David Chalmers; 33 – Ask Me Anything 4; 31 – Evolving Minds: A Conversation with jonathan Haidt; 30 – Inside the Crucible: a Conversation with Michael Weiss; 28 – Meat Without Misery: A Conversation with Uma Valeti; 27 – Ask Me Anything 3; 26 – The Logic of Violence: Conversation with Jocko Willink; 25 – Behind the Gun: A Conversation with Scott Reitz; 24 – Ask Me Anything 2; 23 – Islam and the Future of Tolerance (Excerpts); 22 – Surviving the Cosmos: A Conversation with David Deutsch; 21 – On the Maintenance of Civilization: A Conversation with Douglas Murray; 20 – Still Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon; 19 – The Riddle of the Gun (Revisited)

 You Are Not So Smart: 73 – Bayes’ Theorum; 72 – The Dunning-Kruger Effect; 71 – The Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy; 68 – The Strawman Fallacy; 67 – The Fallacy Fallacy

Sacred Journeys series: Lourdes, Shikoku, Jerusalem, Osun-Osagba

Katy Bowman podcast: Biomechanics & the Human Core

Stephen Porges Science of Compassion lecture off YouTube

Intelligence Squared Debates: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

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