Complete viewing list from 9/29/2015 to 9/28/2016:

Chris Ware documentary

About Time

Minority Report

About Time

Star Trek Enterprise season 1

Louis CK live at the Beacon Theater


A lot of Mitch Hedburg videos


Star Trek Voyager S1E1

Star Trek Deep Space 9 S1E1


World Cup Germany vs Brasil

Star Trek S1E1

The 70s TV doc

The 60s TV doc

People, Places and Things

Wrecking Crew documentary

The Big Short

Back to the Future

St. Elmo’s Fire

Sherlock Season 3

Ferris Beuller’s Day Off



Stand By Me

Pretty In Pink


Breakfast Club

LA Story

Meet the Patels

Cobra Baby, Ali Wong

Captain America Civil War

16 Candles

Citizen Four


Cesar’s Last Fast

Batman Vs Superman

Persuasion, BBC version

Hail Ceasar

Makers BBC “Women in Comedy,” Women in Hollywood”

She’s Funny That Way

The Simpsons, “The Death Of Nibbles”


Love S1 E1-5

Bridge of Spies

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

“Chelsea Does Marriage,” “Chelsea Does Silicon Valley”

The Flash season 1

Jessica Jones season 1


Fantastic Four 2015

My Fair Lady

Mad Men season 7

Emma 1996

Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson version

Sense and Sensibility, BBC version

Singing in the Rain

Emma, BBC version

State of the Union Address 2016

Big Hero 6

The Force Awakens x3

Love & Mercy

Mad Men, season 6

The Force Awakens

Return of the Jedi

The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars A New Hope

Revenge of the Sith

Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace


Mary Poppins

Master of None, season 1

Mockingjay part 2

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, S3


Steve Jobs

The Martian

Jupiter Ascending

Frasier S1E1

Some Like It Hot

Wet, Hot, American Summer

Wet, Hot American Summer S1E1,2

Marvel’s Daredevil, season 1