I’m slowly working through the photos I took during the last couple years. I’m still working on shooting color. I think I’ve gotten better and better at it. I didn’t take all of these and in some of those cases, I’m not sure who did. If you did, and want credit, let me know. Also, if you want to know a little more about the photographs, click on “options” in the upper right to get the title and description to show up for each. For the full effect, put on Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, which is what I was listening to while I compiled and edited these.

Year 37

Fall Term, 2007: This has snapshots of housemates and Oregon friends, Suntop, the house I live in, the Willamette River, Luna, a music venue I did sound for, fall leaves, and shots of the University of Oregon. It’s 33 photos and the slide show takes about 4 minutes.

The Bay Area and Burbank to Joshua Tree: This is a short one–a couple shots of San Francisco, one of the San Francisco Balboa Festival, a couple of me with my cousins, Jonathan and Tenaya, a couple of me with my friend Danielle, one of me and my brother Ely, one of Maya and my Mama, and one of the traditional Lester Xmas bush.

Pine City to Park Blvd Hike: These are from a hike led by Al and Ann Murdy. I got some good shots of rocks and then befriended one of my fellow hikers, Kayla, and we took a bunch of photos of each other. Some of these shots of Kayla are among my best color photos ever. This slideshow is less than five minutes long but over thirty images.

Joshua Tree Skies, Winter 2007: This slideshow is short and very pretty–the sky from the yard in Joshua Tree.

Christmas Eve, Christmas 2007–Family, Helicopters, Airplanes: Many of these shots are not mine. Ely, Brittney, Dad, and anyone else, if you are not credited on something of yours, let me know.

After Christmas, 2007: Another short one. Great photos by Brittney.

Lester Family Entertainment Night 2007: This was, I think, the 9th annual LFEN.

LFEN After Party: Lester brothers dancing and posing. Also a full family shot or two.

Shows, Winter 2007: Shadow Mountain Band, Ray Woods Raw Soul Review, Unherd.

January 2008: This is a 5  minute slide show from my trip home from California, a visit with Vangie, Miriel, and Akira, several shots at a park near Suntop, including my first seagull series, a Springfield sky series, and a party at Suntop–kind of all over the place, but some nice shots of people, trees, skies, and seagulls.

Snow Day 2008: This slideshow is 3 or 4 minutes of shots from our big snow of the year, including my second and third seagull series.

The Talaba-Laroque-Orhai Family Photo Shoot: An impromptu photo shoot at a party at Suntop. There wasn’t quite enough light so these have that low-light-digital-camera-fuzz look, but if you know these folks you’ll want to see this slide show. They are quite charming.

Winter & Spring Terms, 2008: This is a long one–5 or 6 minutes. It’s got a shots of the Willamette River in spring, dancing friends, a party at Suntop, Springfield in the spring, school friends, some nice shots of Gabe and Maggie brand new.

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