Lecture by Steven Pinker, University of Oregon commencement ceremony

PSY 412 Applied Data Analysis, by Holly Arrow

PSY 456 Social Psychology, by Sean Laurent

PSY 490 Honors in Psychology, by Dare Baldwin

Beginning square dancing class, UO, 11/01/08

African dance classes by Alseny Yansane 11/08/08, 11/15/08

Radiolab, season 4: Choice, Sperm, Race, Diagnosis, Yellow Fluffy Stuff and Other Curious Encounters

Long Now Foundation’s Seminars About Long-Term Thinking: Paul Ehrlich

Kosmic Consciousness, Tami Simon’s Ken Wilber interviews: The Integral Approach: The Big Three, the Quadrants, Lines of Development; Evolution Unfolds, The Stages of Development; From Identification with Self to Realization of the Self; States of Consciousness; Types; The Precious Opportunity of Human Birth; Developing Witness Consciousness; Integral Transformative Practice; The Basic Moral Intuition; Applying the Integral Model

San Francisco Balboa Festival: Willie’s Basic, All Levels–Lila & Burnie; Advanced Bal Swing Track–Mickey & Kelly x 2, Joel & Alison x 2, Steve & Heidi

Math 112, Elementary Functions (trigonometry), Dan Westerman

PSY 491 Honors in Psychology

“Fundamental Motives and Adaptive Cognition: Adding What and Why to How the Mind Works” lecture by J Maner

“Expressive Writing Interventions and Health: Progress, Pratfalls, and Promise” lecture by JM Smyth

“The Inner World of Multiple Personality: Journey into Wholeness – A presentation on Dissociative Identity Disorder” by Dr. Pam Birrell

Seattle Balboa Festival, advanced track taught by Peter & Mia, Randy & Kara, Jeremy & Laura, Todd & Mia

James Thurber, lecture at UO, “Is Obama Changing Politics in Washington?” (said “Our choir of pluralism sings with an upper class accent.”)

Long Now Lectures: Dmitry Orlov, Friday, February 13, 2009, “Social Collapse Best Practices,” Saul Griffith, Friday, January 16, 2009, “Climate Change Recalculated,” Drew Endy vs. Jim Thomas, Monday, November 17, 2008, Synthetic Biology Debate

Ted Talks: David Carson: Design, discovery and humor; Scott McCloud: On comics; AJ Jacobs: My Year of Living Biblically; Michael Shermer: Why people believe strange things; John Hodgeman: A brief digression on matters of lost time; Leonart Greene: Closeup card magic; “Dan Gilbert asks, ‘Why are we happy?'”; Ray Kurzweil, 2005

“The one, two, three of God,” Tami Simon and Ken Wilber

Psychopathology, Pam Birrell

Small Group Dynamics, Holly Arrow

Psycholinguistics, Dare Baldwin

Ballet I, Dawn Uriste

Ballet I, Alex Taylor

“How Social-Emotional Learning Promotes Cognitive and Academic Achievement: Teaching, Learning & Neuroscience,” lecture by Mark Greenberg

Camp Jitterbug 2009, Advanced Plus track: Zacke & Naomi, Skye & Frida, Lennart & Jenny, Mikey & Ria, Max & Annie, Andy & Nina

“Left, Right & Center” on KCRW, October 2008-July, 2009

Long Now lecture: Paul Romer “A Theory of History, with an Application,” from Monday May 18, 02009

Long Now Lectures: Michael Pollan, “Deep Agriculture,” from Tuesday May 5, 02009 & Gavin Newsom “Cities and Time.” Wednesday April 8, 02009

Quincy Jones’ keynote address, SXSW 2009

Definitely Not the Opera podcast: “What Did You Expect?”

Long Now Talks: Daniel Everett “Endangered languages, lost knowledge and the future,” Friday March 20, 02009; Vernor Vinge
What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen?” Thursday, February 15, 02007, Peter Diamandis, “Long-term X-Prizes,” Friday September 12, 02008; Niall Ferguson & Peter Schwartz, “Historian vs. Futurist on Human Progress,” Monday, April 28th, 02008; Paul Saffo, “Embracing Uncertainty: the secret to effective forecasting,” Friday, January 11, 02008; Iqbal Quadir, “Technology Empowers the Poorest,”Wednesday, May 21st, 02008; Craig Venter, “Joining 3.5 Billion Years of Microbial Invention,” Monday, February 25th, 02008; Pamela Ronald, Raoul Adamchak, “Organically Grown and Genetically Engineered: The Food of the Future,” Tuesday July 28, 02009

Radiolab: “Stochasticity,” “Are We Coins?”

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