This is a list of classes, lectures, and workshops I take, (plus educational podcasts at the bottom) (minus the NPR news I listen to in segments) 9/29/10 – 9/29/11:

“The Mismeasure of Man,” lecture @ Stanford University by Ralph Horwitz MD.

Charlie Rose: “An hour about obesity in America with guest host Dr. Mehmet Oz” Panel: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (GUEST HOST); Gary Taubes, Journalist; Dr. Dean Ornish, Founder and President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute; Dr. Barbara Howard, American Heart Association

“Why We Get Fat,” Gary Taubes for Innovative Metabolic Solutions

“Cholesterol and Fats in Your Blood: Chemistry, Control, & Chaos,” Tracy Fulton x2

“Lifestyle and Mental Health,” Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D.

TED talks: Steven Strogatz “How Things In Nature Tend to Sync Up,” Philip K. Howard: “Four Ways to Fix a Broken Legal System,” Dan Buettner “How to Live to Be 100+”

“Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” Robert Lustig

CFT 625 Violence in Family and Society, Jeff Todahl, University of Oregon

CFT 626 Human Sexuality in Counseling, Christian Jordal, University of Oregon

CFT 609 Practicum with Marc Zola, University of Oregon

“Biology of Perception,” Bruce Lipton via YouTube

Robert Whitaker lecture for MindFreedom, 2/13/11, at the University of Oregon

Ted Talks: Eric Berlow: How complexity leads to simplicity;David McCandless: The beauty of data visualization; Tan Le: A headset that reads your brainwaves; Arianna Huffington: How to succeed? Get more sleep; Heribert Watzke: The brain in your gut; Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+; Jody Williams: A realistic vision for world peace; Dr. Brene Brown: Vulnerability and Connection

“90 by 30 – a Community-Campus Partnership” panel by Partnership for Nonviolence: Health, Violence Prevention, and Trauma Healing, 2/5/11, University of Oregon

“The Role of a Couples and Family Therapist When Intervening with Addiction and Family Systems,” Tiffany B. Brown, 1/21/11, University of Oregon

CFT 609 Practicum with Christian Jordal, University of Oregon

CFT 614 Child Diagnosis, Lee Anne Wichmann, University of Oregon

CFT 629 Couples Therapy by Jeff Todahl, University of Oregon

“Domestic Violence Prevention,” Jeff Todahl, 11/10/10, University of Oregon

“The Changing Role of Fathers: Cultural Contradictions and Social Science Research,” Scott Coltrane, University of Oregon

CFT 627: Advanced Family Theory by Deanna Lineville, University of Oregon

CFT 628: Modern Issues With Addiction, University of Oregon

CFT 609: Practicum with Jeff Todahl, University of Oregon

Workshops, 2.27.2010, University of Oregon: “Job Search Documents,” “Starting a Private Practice” by Marlin Schultz, “Licensure Tips for Counseling, Family and Human Services,” “First Year and Beyond Professionals Panel”

David Deida: “Aligning With Love: Sex, Love, Wealth, Worship,” “At Your Edge: Masculine Wisdom,” “Spirituality Beyond Self- Improvement,” “Primary Emotion + Deep Purpose”

Ken Wilber on Ekart Tolle on youtube

This American Life: #442: Thugs; #445: Ten Years In; #446: Living Without (2011); #447: The Incredible Case of the PI Moms; #441: When Patents Attack!; #339: Break-Up; #440: Game Changer; #218: Act V; #439: A House Divided; #438: Fathers Day 2011; #437: Old Boys Network; #430: Very Tough Love, #431: See No Evil, #432: Know When To Fold, #433: Fine Print 2011, #433: Fine Print 2011, #186: Prom, #434: This Week, #435: How To Create a Job, #436: The Psychopath Test; This American Life #429: Will They Know Me Back Home? This American Life #428: Oh You Shouldn’t Have; This American Life #282: DIY; This American Life #1: New Beginnings; This American Life #427: Original Recipe; This American Life #425: Slow To React; This American Life #424: Kid Politics; This American Life #421: Last Man Standing; This American Life–#423: The Invention of Money, #371: Scenes From a Mall, #252: Poultry Slam 2003, #420: Neighborhood Watch; This American Life #419: Petty Tyrant; This American Life#234: Say Anything; This American Life, “Toxie”; This American Life #317: Unconditional Love; This American Life #416: Iraq After Us; This American Life #415: Crybabies, #389: Frenemies; This American Life #214: Family Physics; This American Life #203: Recordings for Someone;

Left Right and Center: Default or Deal? 7/29/11; Kabuki Dancing on the Debt Ceiling 7/22/11; Til Debt Do Us Part 7/15/11; Jobs; Budget; Murdoch; Space 7/9/11; DSK’s Reversal of Fortune, Obama as Scolder-in-Chief, and more, 7/1/11; Troop Timetable; Budget Breakdown and Fed Forecast 6/24/11 AND MORE?Libya; Nuclear’s Future; Michele Bachmann; Plunging Home Sales 3/25/11: Any Clearer on Libya?; Budget Battle Heats Up; 2012 GOP Jockeying 4/1/11; Two Debt Plans; Financial Crisis Culprits; Politics of Sports 4/15/11; The New Corporate World Order; Religion in American Politics 4/22/11; Birthers and Bernanke; Petraeus and Panetta 4/29/11; Obama Gets Osama; Good/Bad Jobs News; GOP on the Run 5/6/11; Debt Limit Debate; Galleon Guilty; GOP in 2012 5/13/11; Barack and BiBi, DSK and Arnold; Newt’s Stumble; Cornel West’s Broadside 5/20/11; Left, Right and Center:Libya Showdown; Japan Fallout; Budget Ideologies; “Gas Prices; Libya; Wisconsin; Homegrown Terrorism; NPR,” Left, Right and Center 3/11/11; Left, Right & Center 3/4/11: Federal and State Budget Showdowns; Libya; Newt in 2012?; Left, Right & Center: Mideast; Midwest; DOMA; Budget 2/25/11; Left Right and Center 2/17/11: Wisconsin Standoff; Budget Cuts; Middle East Crackdown; Left Right and Center Mubarak Steps Down; Fannie and Freddie’s Future; Budget Wars: Left, Right and Center: Afghanistan; Healthcare; Spending & Tea Party; Financial Commission: Left Right and Center: “Egypt’s Moment of Truth,” “Where’s the Center? Are Political Labels Valid?”: Left, Right, and Center: Korea; Taliban Scam; Fed Jobs Report; Insider Trading; Ireland–11/26/10: Left, Right and Center: Afghanistan; WikiLeaks; Jobs; Taxes; Fed; Deficit 12/3/11; Egypt; Record Deficit Projection; Financial Meltdown; SOTU 1/28/11: Left Right and Center 1/7/11 112th Congress and Divided Government: Left, Right & Center: The National Conversation Sparked by the Tragedy in Tuscon 1/14/11: Left, Right & Center 12/10/10: Tax Deal; WikiLeaks Wars; START Stopped?; Prince Charles: Left Right and Center 11/19/10: The Fed; Tax Cuts; GM; Afghanistan; TSA Touch Up!; Left, Right & Center 11/12/10: Debt Commission; Obama’s Overseas Bust; NewsBeastDailyWeek: Left, Right & Center 11/5/10: Political Earthquake: Does Obama Get It?; Bernanckes Billions; 10/29/10: Midterm Madness: Is Obama Ready for the GOP: Left Right and Center: Mortgage Mess; Bernanke; Mid-Term Closing Arguments 10/15/10, Juan Williams; Fannie/Freddie; Mid-terms; UK Austerity 10/22/10: Left Right and Center: Foreclosure Moratorium; Gen. Jones; Af-Pak; MidTerms, 10/8/10, & Mortgage Mess; Bernanke; Mid-Term Closing Arguments 10/15/10: Left Right and Center 10/1/10: Rahm Gone; China; Backyard Obama; Tea Party; Whitman-Brown: Left Right and Center9/24/10: Summers and Volcker; GOP Pledge; Dems Duck Tax Cuts; Schools: Left Right & Center 9/17/10: Tea Party Surge; Unemployment & Uninsurance; Elizabeth Warren: Left Right & Center: Obama-Jobs; Iraq-Blair; Dems Doom Foretold 9/3/10; Obama’s Presser; The Economy; 9/11 and a Florida Pastor 9/10/10: Left, Right and Center Bernanke Bucks; Primaries-Midterms-GOP; Mehlman Comes Out 8/27/10; Obama-Jobs; Iraq-Blair; Dems Doom Foretold 9/3/10

Freakonomics: The Folly of Prediction, The Suicide Paradox, The Economist’s Guide to Parenting, Hey Baby, Is That a Prius You’re Driving?; Death by Fire?  Probably Not; Why Can’t We Predict Earthquakes?; Smarter Kids at 10 Bucks a Pop; Does College Still Matter? And Other Freaky Questions Answered…; Gambling With Your Life; Growing Up Buffet; To Catch a Fugitive; Freakonomics: The Health of Nations; “Is Twitter a Two-Way Street?”; Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better? Why the World Cup Is an Economist’s Dream; The NFL’s Best Real Estate Isn’t For Sale. Yet.  Who Stole All the Runs in Major League Baseball?; Freakonomics: How Is a Bad Radio Station Like Our Public-School System? Freakonomics: Why Cities Rock, Millionaires vs. Billionaires, Waiter, There’s a Physicist in My Soup!, The Dangers of Safety; Freakonomics You Say Repugnant, I Say … Let’s Do It!; Freakonomics: How Much Does the President of the U.S. Really Matter?; Freakonomics:What Would the World Look Like if Economists Were in Charge?; Faking It; Freakonomics: Reading, Rockets, and ‘Rithmetic; Trashed; Freakonomics Is America Ready For a No-Lose Lottery? The “No-Lose Lottery,” Part 2

Planet Money: #286: Libertarian Summer Camp; #285: Wasting Money Making Money AND MORE?#261: Economists On Federal Funding For NPR, #262: Fannie And Freddie’s Rise And Fall, #263: What Comes After Fannie And Freddie?, #264: How Do You Create A Job?, #265: Groupon! Monty Python! Price Discrimination!, #266: A Former Crack Dealer On The Economics Of Dealing, #267: A New Mom, Bjork’s Dad And The President Of Iceland, #268: The Island That Ran Out Of Money, #269: Do The Rich Flee High-Tax States?, #270: How To Build A School In Haiti, #271: A City On The Moon, #84: The Rise And Fall Of An Internet Giant, #72: Bloody, Miserable Medieval Economics, #272: The Finance Minister Who Robbed A Bank, #273: When The U.S. Paid Off The Entire National Debt, #274: We Sold Gold, #275: Is This Man A Snuggie?, #276: Do We Need The IMF? Planet Money #257: Money Buys Happiness, #258: China’s Growth Problem, #259: 4th Graders Read A Credit Card Agreement, #260: Why Japan Will Bounce Back; Planet Money #256: A City Throws In The Towel; Planet Money #256: Discipline And Forgiveness; Planet Money #254: Inside The Great Depression; Planet Money #253: The Gold Standard, R.I.P.; PLanet Money #252: The Gold Standard; Planet Money #251: Michael Lewis, Financial Disaster Travel Journalist; Planet Money #250: Writing The Rules; Planet MOney: #248: Adam Smith, Mama’s Boy, #249: Egypt’s Military, Inc.; #247: The Moral Of The Financial Crisis; Planet Money#244: The Euro’s Model Student; Planet Money #243: The Frankenstein Mortgage; Planet Money: #238 Planet Money: Making Christmas More Joyful, And More Efficient, #239 Planet Money: Tiny Banks, Big Problems, #241: G-Zero, #242: Our Cute Animal Experiment, Explained, #240 Planet Money: Marrying Off Spain’s Troubled Banks; #237 Planet Money: Cappuccino Reconsidered; #236 Planet Money: The Economics Of Dream Pursuit; #234 Planet Money: Wine, Cigars, And The Plan To Fix The Dollar; #235 Planet Money: A Giant Stone Coin At The Bottom Of The Sea; #233 Planet Money: Is Europe’s Bailout A Giant Shell Game?; #232 Planet Money: What Your $3,000 Bought In Haiti; #231 Planet Money: Too Big To Save; #230 Planet Money: Pietra Rivoli’s T-Shirt Travels; #229 Planet Money: Why Gold?; #228 Planet Money: In Search Of The Social Security Trust Funds; #227 Planet Money: Lighthouses, Autopsies And The Federal Budget; #226 Planet Money: Finally, An Apology; #225 Planet Money: The End Of The Housing Bust; #224 Planet Money: The Cotton Wars; #223 Planet Money: Stealing Our Way To A T-Shirt; #222 Planet Money: Why The Price Of Lettuce In Brooklyn Matters; #221 Planet Money: When A Dead-End Job Isn’t A Dead End; #229; Planet Money: Gold!; #219 Planet Money: Would You Rather Be Rich In 1900, Or Middle-Class Now?; #218 Planet Money: Buttons And Other Connectors; #217 Planet Money: The Art Of Living At The Poverty Line; #216 Planet Money: How Four Drinking Buddies Saved Brazil; #215 Planet Money: What’s Better For Helping The Poor — Greed Or Charity?; #213 Planet Money: Better Living Through Libertarianism; #212 Planet Money: We Found a Socialist!; #209 Planet Money: Our Listeners Vs. The Budget Deficit; #208 Planet Money: How To Spend $1,249,999,999,999.39; Planet Money: “#211 “Toxie’s Origin Story,” “#214 Toxie R.I.P.”; Planet Money“Deep Read: Satyajit Das,” “#210 Summer’s Over, Slackers, Back to School”; #287: Fed Behaving Dangerously, Fed President Says; #82: Inside The Mind Of A Financial Criminal; #288: Manufacturing The Song Of The Summer; #289: Bitcoin; #290: North Korea’s Illegal Economy; #291: How Much Debt Is Too Much?; #292: Dollar Coins In The Wild; #293: Would A Downgrade Matter?; #295: The Patent War, XXXXXXXXXXXX, #304: The Ghost that Haunts Europe; #305 When Congress Plays Chicken; #306: Germany’s Painful Solution; #307: Toxie’s Back! #308: The Dream of Europe and…

Seminars About Long-Term Thinking: Timothy Ferriss, “Accelerated Learning in Accelerated Times”; Peter Careiva, “Conservation in the Real World”; Juan Enriquez, Mapping the Frontier of Knowledge; Nassim Taleb: The Future Has Always Been Crazier Than We Thought; Matt Ridley: Deep Optimism; Ian Morris: Why the West Rules – For Now; Tim Flannery: Here on Earth; Saul Griffith: Climate Change Recalculated; “The Future Has Always Been Crazier Than We Thought,” Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Alexander Rose: Long Finance: The Enduring Value Conference; Alex Wright: The Deep History of the Information Age; Spencer Beebe    1:16:08    3/11/05    Spencer Beebe – Very Long-term Very Large-scale Biomimicry; Mary Catherine  Bateson, “Live Longer, Think Longer”; Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Orville Schell: “China Thinks Long-term, But Can It Relearn to Act Long-term?” Seminars About Long Term ThinkingStephen Lansing – Perfect Order: A Thousand Years in Bali; Seminars About Long Term Thinking John Rendon, head of The Rendon Group, is a senior communications consultant to the White Houses and Departments of Defense. His subject in this talk is how to replace tactical, reactive response to terror with long-term strategic initative.; Seminars About Long Term Thinking Peter Schwartz and Ralph Cavanagh – Nuclear Power, Climate Change and the Next 10,000 Years; “Fixing Broken Government,” Seminar About Long-Term Thinking by Philip K. Howard; Seminar About Long Term Thinking: Lera Boroditsky, “How Language Shapes Thought”; SALT Long Conversations: Saul Griffith & Jem Finer, Saul Griffith & Emily Levine, Jill Tarter & Emily Levine, Jill Tarter & Robin Sloan; Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Richard Rhodes, “Twilight of the Bombs”

Radiolab: Loop the Loop; Damn It, Basal Ganglia; Games; Shorts: A 4-Track Mind; REBROADCAST: Detective Stories; Dogs Gone Wild; Shorts: A Clockwork Miracle; Radiolab “Talking to Machines,” “Cosmic Habituation,” “Help!”; “Shorts: Pass the Science” “Shorts: In the Running” “Desperately Seeking Symmetry” “Shorts: Cosmic Habituation” “Shorts: Dogs Gone Wild”; Radiolab Shorts: A Flock of Two; Shorts: Radiolab Presents: The Loneliness of the Goalkeeper; Radiolab: Lost & Found; Radiolab: The Good Show; Radiolab Shorts: Blood Buddies; Radiolab Shorts: Gravitational Anarchy; Radiolab Shorts: Wild Talk; Radiolab Shorts: What Does Technology Want?; Radiolab: Cities; Radiolab Shorts: Wild Talk; Radiolab Shorts: The Walls of Jericho; Radiolab: “Falling”; Radiolab “Time”

Stuff You Should Know: How the Black Death Worked, How to Control a Riot, How Tickling Works; Stuff You Should Know: Does Acupuncture Work?, How to Control a Riot, HOw the Black Death Worked, How Tickling Works

Whatever Whatever Amen: C36 Consciousness Intermission – The Game of Life; C35 Parents and Cults; C34 Daniel on Enlightenment;  C33 Daniel on Self-Reflection and Honesty; C32 Daniel Asks Me Some Questions; C28 Lost Parts; C28 Lost Parts; C21 Feelings 101; C20 God; C12 Religion Part Two; C11 Religion Part One; C23 People Are Precious

NPR News: “What Does a Post-American World Look Like” (Fareed Zakaria), “How Industrial Farming Destroyed the Flavorful Tomato”; “Compass of Pleasure: Why Some Things Feel So Good”

MoreOrLess: Street grooming 14 Jan 11

Life After Radio: Tin Can Radio

The Social Work Podcast: #14 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, #65 The Process of Evidence-Based Practice

Association of Family Therapists of Northern California podcast: “The Practice of Gottman Method Couples Therapy”

99% Invisible: 01 “99% Noise,” 30 “The Blue Yarn,”

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