Lectures, podcasts, classes, workshops etc:

NBTSC workshops by Ethan Mitchell (the sizes of infinity, the gnarly fringes of consent), Blake Boles (economics, goal setting, How to Have a Conversation with Nathen Lester), Mia (crochet), MacKenzie (Path of the Oracle), Tilke Elkins (How to Eat Fruit), Kione Koche (permaculture), John Jones (Sustainable Forestry),

Interviews: “The Risks & Rewards of Practicing Yoga” on Fresh Air; Brad Blanton interviewed by Eben Pagan; “The Spirit’s Call to Evolve” interview with Paul Smith, author of Integral Christianity

C-SPAN – After Words: Madeleine Albright, “Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948,” Victor Cha, “The Impossible State: North Korea, Past and Future,” After Words: Jay Nordlinger, “Peace, They Say: A History of the Nobel Peace Prize, The Most Famous and Controversial Prize in the World,” Seth Jones, “Hunting in the Shadows: The Pursuit of Al Qa’ida Since 9/11,” Michael Sandel, “What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets,” Dale Carpenter, “Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v. Texas,” Dick Teresi, “The Undead,” Liza Mundy, “The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love and Family,” Alain de Botton, “Religion for Atheists,” hosted by Chris Hedges, Craig Timberg, “Tinderbox: How the West Sparked the AIDS Epidemic and How the World Can Finally Overcome It,” Linda Killian, “The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents,” hosted by Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast, Maggie Anderson, “Our Black Year: One Family’s Quest to Buy Black in America’s Racially Divided Economy,” After Words: John Lewis Gaddis, “George F. Kennan: An American Life,” hosted by Susan Glasser, Foreign Policy magazine, After Words: Richard Thompson Ford, “Universal Rights Down to Earth,” hosted by Suzanne Nossel, Amnesty International USA, After Words: Ira Shapiro, “The Last Great Senate: Courage and Statesmanship in Times of Crisis,” hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders, After Words: Eric Klinenberg, “Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone,” hosted by Kim Blanken, After Words: Deborah Scroggins, “Wanted Women,” hosted by Akbar Ahmed, American University, After Words: Zbigniew Brzezinski, “Strategic Vision: America and the Crisis of Global Power,” hosted by Michael Hirsch, After Words: George Nash, ed. “Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath,” After Words: Chris Matthews, “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero,” hosted by Sam Donaldson, ABC News, After Words: Jack Abramoff, “Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobby, After Words: Michael Gazzaniga, “Who’s in Charge?: Free Will and the Science of the Brain,” hosted by Sally Satel, After Words: Conor O’Clery, “Moscow, December 25, 1991: The Last Day of the Soviet Union,” hosted by Thomas Blanton, After Words: Robert Guest: “Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism,” After Words: Niall Ferguson, “Civilization: The West and the Rest,” hosted by Susan Jacoby, After Words: Clifton Truman Daniel, “Dear Harry, Love Bess: Bess Truman’s Letters to Harry Truman 1919-1943” hosted by Margaret, After Words: Patrick Buchanan, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” hosted by Ralph Nader, After Words: Corey Robin, “The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism from Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin,” hosted by S.E. Cupp, After Words: Mary Gabriel, “Love and Capital: Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution,” host Bertell Ollman, NYU, After Words: Bill Vlasic: “Once Upon a Car: The Fall and Resurrection of America’s Big Three Automakers – GM, Ford, and Chrysler, After Words: Nicholas Wapshott, “Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics,” hosted by Matthew Bishop, The Economist, “Katie Pavlich, “Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-Up,” “Fawaz Gerges, “Obama and the Middle East: The End of America’s Moment?” “Martha Rosenberg, “Born with a Junk Food Deficiency”

C-SPAN – American History TV – Lectures in History: Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant, Donald Rumsfeld on The Bush Doctrine, Edmund Burke & the Origins of Modern Conservatism, Urban America in the Mid-20th Century, 1850s Collapse of the Second Party System, North Vietnamese Strategy During the Vietnam War, Lectures in History: Election of 1860 & Secession, Lectures in History: Music of the Civil Rights Movement, Lectures in History: Franklin Roosevelt & the Modern Presidency, Lectures in History: Timothy Orr, Old Dominion University, History Professor – Civil War Prisons, Lectures in History: Use of the “N-Word” in Literature and Culture, Lectures in History: Seven Years’ War

Scientific American 60-Second Mind: 11/13/10-1/14/12

Freakonomics: Where Have All the Hitchhikers Gone? Those Cheating Teachers! Misadventures in Babymaking; Wildfires, Cops, and Keggers; Boo…Who?; Unnatural Turkeys; The Truth is Out There…Isn’t It?; What Makes a Donor Donate?; Weird Recycling; How American Food Got So Bad; Who Is a Bad Radio Station Like Our Public-School System?; The Perils of Drunk Walking; Why Is “I don’t Know” So Hard to Say?; Does Money Really Buy Elections?; What Do Hand-Washing and Financial Illiteracy Have in Common? The Hidden Side of the Super Bowl: A New Marketplace Podcast, Save Me From Myself, Does This Recession Make Me Look Fat? The Dilbert Index? Show and Yell, The Patent Gap, The Hidden Cost of False Alarms, Is Good Corporate Citizenship Also Good for the Bottom Line? The Days of Wine and Mouses, It’s Not the President, Stupid, The Power of the President — and the Thumb; How Biased is Your Media?

Left Right & Center: How Can We Save Europe? 9/30/11; Jobs, Taxes and Wall Street Occupied 10/1/11; Cures for an Ailing Economy? 10/14/11; Investor Anxiety; Syrian Instability; Perry Scrutinized, 8/19/11; Troops out of Iraq by Year’s End, 10/21/11; Boehner v. Obama; Romney v. Perry 9/17/11; UN Sharpens Focus on Middle East 9/24/11; Relief in Europe and US Income Inequality 10/28/11; Will Herman Cain Survive? Will Obama Go Negative? 11/4/11; Perry’s Brain Freeze and the GOP Race for President 11/11/11; Occupied by Occupy 11/18/11; Third Party Politics 11/25/11; Occupy This and That 12/2/11; Europe Kicks the Can 12/9/11; Leaving Iraq: Better or Worse Off? 12/16/11; Extreme Makeover: US Economy Edition 12/23/11; Third Party Politics 12/30/11; The (Elusive) Middle Class Agenda 1/6/12; Appreciating Tony Blankley 1/13/12; Campaigning vs. Governing; Good Jobs News, but Where Are the Good New Jobs?; If I Had a Son, He’d Look like Trayvon; Obama, Candidate in Chief; Walking It Back, 2/3/12; Birth Control Back-Pedal, 2/10/12; Cars, Contraception and Calling China on the iPhone, 2/17/12; Higher Gas Prices: Problem or Solution? 2/24/12; Forecast: Dreier, Then Snowe 3/2/12; Going for Brokered? 3/16/12; Getting a Read on the Supremes 3/30 12; North Korea’s Missile Malfunction 4/13/12; Bureaucrats Gone Wild 4/20/12; Playing The Bin Laden Card 4/27/12; The Argument for Crony Capitalism 5/4/12; The Democrats’ Private Equity Paradox 5/25/12; The Big Gulp 6/1/12; Will Europe Decide the 2012 Presidential Race? 6/8/12; Greek Drama 6/15/12; Obama, Romney and Latino Voters 6/22/12; Obamacare? Romneycare? Robertscare? 6/29/12; MIddle Class Blues 7/6/12; JP Morgan’s 7-Billion-Dollar Surprise: Claw-Back to the Future? 7/13/12; Shooting Rampage in Colorado 7/20/12;

Planet Money:#309: Four in One; #310 How Money Got Weird; #311: The Land Boom; #313: The Future Of Energy; #312: What Is Occupy Wall Street? #314: The Price Of Default; #315: France And Germany, A Love Story; #316: What If We Paid Off The Debt? #317: Will Economic Growth Destroy The Planet? #318: Keynes Vs. Hayek; #319: Inside Washington’s Money Machine; #320: How Fear Turned a Surplus Into Scarcity; #321: Kill the Euro, Win $400,000; #322: Boom Town; #323: From Harvard Economist To Casino CEO; #324: A Financial Adviser Bets The House; #325: Housing, Weddings, Space, Bacon; #326: Why Does A Taxi Medallion Cost $1 Million?; #330: Dollar Coins Are Done; #331: How Office Politics Could Take Down Europe; #332: Jack Abramoff On Lobbying; #238: Why Economists Hate Gifts; #333: ‘The Rest Of The Story’; #334 A Good Year For . . .; #335: Who Killed Lard?; #336: The Past And Future Of American Manufacturing; #337:The Secret Document That Transformed China; #338: Do Sanctions Work? #339: Katy Perry’s Perfect Year; #340: Who Loaned Money To Greece, Anyway? #341: A Former Lobbyist Tells All; #342: The App Economy; #348: ‘History Is A Battle Between Creditors And Debtors’; #349: Private Equity, Explained; #352: The High-Tech Cow; #353: How Europe Saved Itself. For Now.; #354: A Former Mortgage Exec Speaks Out; #356: The Surprisingly Entertaining History Of The Income Tax; #357: What A 16th Century Guild Teaches Us About Competition; #358: I’m Calling To Ask For Your Contribution; #360: Artisanal Jerky, High-Priced Nannies And Nancy Pelosi; #361: The Matzo Economy; #342: The App Economy; #343: Super Bowl Economics; #344: Can We Create Banks We Love? #345: Genius Ideas; #227: Lighthouses, Autopsies And The Federal Budget; #346: Is China’s Economy Genius, Or Bound For Disaster? #347: What Do Private Equity Firms Actually Do? #350: China’s Giant Pool Of Money; #351: What Mormons Can Teach The IRS; #355: The 14-Year-Old Who Bought A House; #359: He Tried To Save A Broke City. Then He Disappeared. #362: Should Iceland Kill The Krona? #363: Why People Do Bad Things; #364: Cage Match: Coin Vs. Bill; #365: We’re Headed For A Fiscal Cliff. Should We Jump? #366: How to Make It in the Food Truck Business; #367: A Broke Rapper, A Mystery Donor And An Empty House; #368: In A Leaderless World, Who Wins? #369: If Teens Ran The Fed; #374: Why Is Syria Locked In Endless Conflict? #321: How To Kill A Currency; 377: Can Lincoln Be Cool Again? #378: How Spain Created A Banking Monster; #380: An Austerity Wedding; Episode 381: Why It’s Illegal To Braid Hair Without A License; #382: The Cool Kids Don’t Want To Go Public; #376: Three Ways To Stop A Bank Run; #379: Does Medicaid Actually Help People? #370: The Real Price Of College; #371: Where Dollar Bills Come From; #372: How Do You Decide Who Gets Lungs? #373: Facebook: Now What? #375: Promises, Promises; #383: What The Health Care Decision Means For Peoples’ Lives; #384: The Little Lie That Rocked The Banks; #205: Allowance, Taxes And Potty Training; Episode 385: How Good Governments Go Bad; #386: The Cost Of Free Doughnuts; #387: The No-Brainer Economic Platform; #388: Putting A Price-Tag On Your Descendants

Radiolab: Loop the Loop; Loops; Shorts: Slow; Shorts: Sleepless in South Sudan; Patient Zero; Shorts: Death Mask; Shorts: Mutant Rights; The Bad Show; Shorts: Wake up and Dream, Killer Empathy, Escape! A War We Need, The Turing Problem, Guts, Crossroads, Fetal Consequences,

Science Friday: SciFri 011312 Hour 2: Science Tattoos, Surgery, HuffPost Science

Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Timothy Ferriss “Accelerated Learning in Accelerated Times” x2; Brewster Kahle “Universal Access to All Knowledge”;Lawrence Lessig: How Money Corrupts Congress and a Plan to Stop It; Jim Richardson: Heirlooms: Saving Humanity’s 10,000-year Legacy of Food; Mark Lynas: The Nine Planetary Boundaries: Finessing the Anthropocene; Edward O. Wilson: The Social Conquest of Earth; Charles C. Mann: Living in the Homogenecene: The First 500 Years; Susan Freinkel: Eternal Plastic: A Toxic Love Story; Benjamin Barber: If Mayors Ruled the World;

C-SPAN’s The Supreme Court: Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; Chief Justice John Roberts

Skeptics Guide to the Universe: #338

TED Talks: Clay Shirky on SOPA/PIPA; Wael Ghonim: Inside the Egyptian revolution; Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders; Sebastian Thrun: Google’s driverless car; Salman Khan: Let’s use video to reinvent education; Rebecca MacKinnon: Let’s take back the Internet! Naomi Klein: Addicted to risk; Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization; Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world; Kathryn Schulz: Don’t regret regret; Karen Tse: How to stop torture; Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence; John Hunter on the World Peace Game; Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb; Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness; Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”; Deb Roy: The birth of a word; Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability; Anthony Atala: Printing a human kidney; Aubrey DeGray: Why we age and how we can avoid it; VS Ramachandran on your mind; Thomas Goetz: It’s time to redesign medical data; Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling; Neil Pasricha: The 3 A’s of awesome; Nathan Myhrvold: Cooking as never seen before; Michael Specter: The danger of science denial; Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable; Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness; Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects? Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle; Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food; Gary Wolf: The quantified self; Eric Topol: The wireless future of medicine; Dave deBronkart: Meet e-Patient Dave; Charity Tillemann-Dick: Singing after a double lung transplant; Bonnie Bassler on how bacteria “talk”; Nathan Wolfe’s jungle search for viruses; Joshua Walters: On being just crazy enough; Elliot Krane: The mystery of chronic pain; Abraham Verghese: A doctor’s touch; Isabel Behncke: Evolution’s gift of play, from bonobo apes to humans; Paul Root Wolpe: It’s time to question bio-engineering; Mick Ebeling: The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist; Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life; Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows; Ed Boyden: A light switch for neurons; Danny Hillis: Understanding cancer through proteomics; TED: Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields – Bill Doyle (2011); TED: Peter van Uhm: Why I chose a gun – Peter van Uhm (2011); TED: Ariel Garten: Know thyself, with a brain scanner – Ariel Garten (2011); TED: Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that? – Brian Goldman (2011)Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work; Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory; Helen Fisher tells us why we love + cheat

This American Life: #309 Cat & Mouse; #448: Adventure! #279: Auto Show; #450: So Crazy It Just Might Work; #451: Back to Penn State; #47: Christmas and Commerce; #454: Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory; #455: Continental Breakup; #456: Reap What You Sow; #74: Conventions; #457: What I Did For Love; #458: Play the Part; #459: What Kind of Country; #460: Retraction; #461: Take the Money and Run for Office; #332: The Ten Commandments; #462: Own Worst Enemy; #463: Mortal Vs. Venial; #154: In Dog We Trust; #465: What Happened At Dos Erres; #466: Blackjack; #289: Go Ask Your Father; #467: Americans in China; #468: Switcheroo; #469: Hiding in Plain Sight; #443: Amusement Park; #360: Switched At Birth; #409: Held Hostage

This Week in Microbiology: TWiM 1-41, approximately 40 hours

This Week in Parasitism: TWiP 38: How to Trichomonas, TWiP 39: I encyst, said the amoeba

This Week in Virology: TWiV 178: T-Sharp on how tequila mosquito, TWiV 179: Was ist ein virus?

Whatever Whatever Amen: C37 Certainty and Urgency; C38 Kara Helps Me Talk About Free Will (and other things); C39 Occupy Wall Street

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