“How to Really be an Artist,” workshop by Tilke Elkins

“The Battle of the Diets,” lecture by Christopher Gardner

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Rider Course

“Healthy Boundaries” training Colleen Tabbo

lecture on humor by Sue Stephenson

“Kids Who Outwit Adults,” “Personal Logic,” & “Connecting With Kids Who Outwit Adults,” lectures by Dr. John Seita

Gangs and drugs lecture at Southern Regional Student Wellness conference, 7/10/13

“Fostering Well Being and Resiliency in All Students,” & “Mindfulness & the Brain,” lectures by Tim Burns

Several permaculture lectures from Damian’s permaculture design course

Homesteading Fair, north Joshua Tree, 6/16/13

Several hours in A Pattern Language

“Dryland Permaculture,” lecture by Jill Giegerich, 5/16/13

Sand tray therapy training with Richard Grey

Many hours in Authentic Mexican by Rick Bayless

Building With Awareness

Discovering Herge

Many hours supervision and group supervision with Richard Grey

Life Beyond War: Collaborative, UC Riverside

“Understanding and Treating Chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder,” lecture by Lori Zoellner, Richard Bryant

4-hour CPR & first aid class by Red Cross

Lecture by CFS representative on mandatory reporting, 3/19/13

Garden tour by Transition Joshua Tree food group

Training session on use of Modified Global Assessment of Functioning, 3/12/13

Lecture on neurosequential therapeutics by Dr. Bruce Perry in San Bernardino

Three-day Trauma Resiliency Model training

Michael Woods Story of England series on NPR

“Coming Home,” an integral Christianity lecture series by Leslie Hershberger

Alain de Button, Status Anxiety, TED: Atheism 2.0″

Robert Lustig, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” x2

Nora Gedgaudas, “Primal mind: nutrition & mental health”

C-SPAN’s After Words: Mark Tushnet, “In the Balance”; Leigh Gallagher, “The End of the Suburbs”; Susan Crawford, “Captive Audience”; Mario Livio, “Brilliant Blunders”; Michele Swers, “Women in the Club”; Victor Davis Hanson, “The Savior Generals”; Laurence Leamer, “The Price of Justice”; Dr. Carl Hart, “High Price”; Sally Satel, “Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience”; Charles Moore, “Margaret Thatcher”; Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), “Fighting for Common Ground: How We Can Fix the Stalemate in Congress”; Diana West, “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character”; Christian Caryl, “Strange Rebels: 1979 and the Birth of the 21st Century”; Vali Nasr, “The Dispensable Nation”; Benjamin Wiker, “Worshipping the State”; Martin Clancy & Tim O’Brien, “Murder at the Supreme Court”; Neil Irwin, “The Alchemists”; “Debating Same-Sex Marriage”; David Burstein, “Fast Future”; Kim Ghattas, “The Secretary”; Ken Stern, “With Charity for All”; Ken Stern, “With Charity for All”; Sarah Garland, “Divided We Fail”; John Mackey, “Conscious Capitalism”Jonathan Last, “What to Expect When No One’s Expecting”; Helaine Olen, “Pound Foolish”; Clayborne Carson, “Martin’s Dream”; Martin Duberman, “Howard Zinn: A Life on the Left”; Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick, “The Untold History of the United States”; Craig Whitney, “Living with Guns”; Cynthia Lowen, “Bully”; Ray Kurzweil, “How to Create a Mind”; Gautam Mukunda, “Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter”; Marguerite Guzman Bouvard, “The Invisible Wounds of War”; Anton Treuer, “Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians but Were Afraid to Ask”; Alain de Botton, “Religion for Atheists,” hosted by Chris Hedges; Liza Mundy, “The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love and Family”; After Words: Van Jones, “Rebuild the Dream,”; Steve Coll, “Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power”; Jonah Goldberg, “The Tyranny of Clichés”; Peter Collier, “Political Woman: The Big Little Life of Jeane Kirkpatrick”; Kaitlin Bell Barnett, “Dosed: The Medication Generation Grows Up”; Fredrick Harris, “The Price of the Ticket”; David Crist, “The Twilight War”; Edward Conard, “Unintended Consequences”

C-SPAN’s American History TV: 

Robyn Muncy: Women in the Workforce After World War II; Sally McMillen: Polio Epidemic in the United States; Leonard Steinhorn: The Year 1968; Stephen Schmidt: History of Political Parties; Aaron O’Connell: U.S. Marines in the Banana Wars; Harry Middleton and Robert Hardesty: The Private Lyndon Baines Johnson; Stephen Engle: Evolving Nature of the Civil War; Shawn Leigh Alexander: End of Slavery to Segregation; Christopher McKnight Nichols: Post-Cold War U.S. Foreign Policy; Jean Baker: Civil Rights Movement 1955-1968; Michael Gomez on the Transatlantic Slave Trade; Douglas Rossinow: Lectures in History: Iran-Contra Affair; Michael Kazin: 1920’s Culture & Society; Andrew Frank: Creek Indians & the First Seminole War; Lincoln, Slavery & Emancipation; John Dewey and Progressive Era Education Reform; Robert Johnston: 1890s American Populist Movement; 19 Century U.S. Cities; Robert Watson: The 1824 & 1828 Presidential Elections; Howard Brick: Black Power Movement in the 1960s; Allyson Hobbs: The Great Migration; Robert Rydell: Eugenics in Early 20th Century America; Jeffrey McClurken: “Gone with the Wind”; Judith Reisman: 20th Century Sex Science & the Law; Michael Barone: Alexis de Tocqueville & American Democracy; Quintard Taylor: The Civil Rights Movement; Jonathan White: Civil Liberties & Treason During the Civil War; James Connolly: Immigration and the Roots of Pluralism in the U.S.; Wayne Hsieh: Generalship of Robert E. Lee; Joan Cashin: Abolitionist & Women’s Rights Movements in Early 19th Century; Early Atlantic Exploration; African Americans & the Civil War; Redistricting & Gerrymandering in the U.S.; William F. Buckley Jr. & Modern Conservatism

Freakonomics Radio: Why Bad Environmentalism Is Such an Easy Sell; The Troubled Cremation of Stevie the Cat; How to Raise Money Without Killing a Kitten; Would a Big Bucket of Cash Really Change Your Life?; Whatever Happened to the Carpal Tunnel Epidemic?; The Suicide Paradox (Rebroadcast); Who Are the Most Successful Immigrants in the World?; The Folly of Prediction (Rebroadcast); The Middle of Everywhere; The Church of “Scionology” (Rebroadcast); Do Baby Girls Cause Divorce?; Government Employees Gone Wild; A Burger a Day; Jane Austen, Game Theorist; REBROADCAST: Legacy of a Jerk; Do You Really Want to Know Your Future?; Why Family and Business Don’t Mix; Should Tipping be Banned?; Baby, You Can Program My Car; Can You Be Too Smart for Your Own Good? And Other FREAK-quently Asked Questions; REBROADCAST: The Hidden Cost of False Alarms; What Do Medieval Nuns and Bo Jackson Have in Common?; It’s Crowded at the Top; Running to Do Evil; Help Wanted.  No Smokers Need Apply; How Much Does Your Name Matter?; The Tax Man Nudgeth; 100 Ways to Fight Obesity; How Money Is March Madness?; Parking Is Hell; When Is a Negative a Positive?; What’s Wrong With Cash for Grades?; Please Steal My Car; Star-Spangled Banter?; Riding the Herd Mentality; Playing the Nerd Card; Retirement Kills; Soul Possession; A Rose By Any Other Distance; How Biased Is Your Media?

Left, Right & Center: 9/27/13: Countdown to Shutdown, Ted Cruz and Friendly Iran; 9/20/13: Political Gridlock, Iran, the Fed, the Pope; 9/13/13: The Syrian Drama; Extreme Inequality; 9/6/13: The Syrian Debate Crescendo, and More NSA; 8/30/13: Syria and the Hour of Decision; 8/23/13: The Syrian Quagmire, Bradley Manning and College Costs; 8/16/13:Chaos in Egypt, NSA Revelations and the GOP; 8/9/13: NSA Reform and Bezos Buys the Post; 7/26/13: Carlos Danger, an Economic Reboot and Insider Trading; 7/19/13: Detroit Goes Broke and Zimmerman Goes Free; 7/12/13: Snowden, Food Stamps and an Immigration Thunderbolt; 7/5/13: July 4 and the Meaning of America; 6/28/13: Monumental Movement on Gay Marriage, Voting Rights and Immigration; 6/21/13: A Farm Bill; Immigration and Obama Abroad; 6/14/13: The Syrian Shift and the Meaning of Edward Snowden; 6/7/13: The Surveillance State and the China Summit; 5/31/13: Eric Holder Meets the Press and the Lois Lerner State; 5/24/13: Obama Ends the War on Terror; 5/17/13: The White House Scandal Trifecta: IRS, AP and Benghazi; 5/10/13: Benghazi, Immigration, the FBI and the Summer of Debt; 5/3/13: Two Economies, Immigration, Syria, and Second Term Woes; 4/26/13: Syria, Boston and George W. Bush; 4/19/13: The Latest from Boston, Gun Bills Go Down; 4/12/13: Gun Control and Immigration; 4/5/13: A Dismal Jobs Report and the Morning After Pill; 3/29/13: Same-Sex Marriage and the Immigration Speed Bump; 3/22/13: Israel, Nukes and the GOP; 3/15/13: Left, Aequum et Centrum; 3/8/13: A Tale of Two Economies, Obama’s Charm Offensive; 3/1/13: Fiscal Cliff Forever; Saucy Scalia; and Double Pope; 2/22/13: Sequester Madness, Republicans Love Obamacare? Redefining the GOP; 2/15/13: A Hagel Filibuster, SOTU, Pope and North Korea; 2/8/13: Drones; SOTU; Rebranding the GOP; the Saturday Mail Shocker; 2/1/13: Blah Jobs, Grilling Hagel and Immigration Reform; 1/25/13: Inauguration, CIA Leaks, and a New Cop at the SEC; 1/18/13: Guns, Inauguration Day, and the GOP Retreat; 1/11/13: Was Afghanistan worth it? Chuck Hagel, Jack Lew and Biden’s gun plan; 1/4/13: One Fiscal Cliff Down, Boehner, and Al Gore’s Big Payday; 12/28/12: Our Best Year Ever?; 12/21/13: Guns and the Naked Cliff

NPR Science Feed since mid-August 2013

Planet Money: #488: The Secret History Of Your Cable Bill; #487: The Trouble With The Poverty Line; #486: Crisis Revisited; #485: What’s Your Major?; #484: Inside The T-Shirt Factory; #483: Putting The Planet In The Planet Money T-Shirt; #433: Holding A Rainforest Hostage? (Update); #482: Why The U.S. Keeps Sending Weapons To Egypt; #481: The Economist’s Guide To Drinking While Pregnant; #480: The Charity That Just Gives People Money; #479: Behind The Label; #478: Rocky Pipkin, Private Eye Vs. The Raisin Outlaw; #477: Waiting For Robot Nannies; #476: The Return Of The Indicator*; #475: What Happened To Detroit’s Big Plans?; #474: The North Korea Files; #422: Schoolhouse Rock Is A Lie (Or, How The Filibuster Ate Washington); #473: Top Of The Charts (Econ Remix); #472: The One-Page Plan To Fix Global Warming; #471: The Eddie Murphy Rule; #286: Libertarian Summer Camp; #469: Rhino Horns And Clean Water; #468: Kid Rock Vs. The Scalpers; #466: DIY Finance; #396: A Father Of High-Speed Trading Thinks We Should Slow Down; #465: Myanmar Opens Up; #464: When A Poor Country Gets A Lot Richer*; #463: How To Get A Country To Trust Its Banks; #462: When Patents Hit the Podcast; #461: Lawyers, Guns and Money; #217: The Art Of Living At The Poverty Line; #460: It’s Hard To Do Good; #459:  Getting It Right; #458: Bangladesh’s T-Shirt Economy; #457: Why Pink; #456: Marijuana Arbitrage; #224:  The Cotton Wars; #455: The Planet Money T-Shirt Is Finally (Almost) Here; # 454  The Lollipop War; #453: What Causes What?; #357: How Much Should We Trust Economics?; #356:  The Surprisingly Entertaining History of The Income Tax; #451: Why Some People Love Tax Day; #450: Bitcoin Goes To The Moon; #449: The Hidden Digital Wealth In Your Pocket; #448: Coney Island Back In Business; #290: North Korea’s Illegal Economy; #447: The Con Man Who Took Down His Own Country (Then Ran For Office); #446  The Invisible 14 Million; #444: New Jersey Wine; #443: Don’t Believe The Hype; #442: Into The Future; #441: Business Secrets Of The Amish; Episode 438: Mavericks, Monopolies And Beer; #437: Can Andrew Sullivan Make It On His Own?; #436:  If Economists Controlled The Boarders; #435: Why Buying A Car Is So Awful; #434: Dealing with Danger, Death, And Crime; #433: Holding A Rainforest Hostage; #267: A New Mom And The President of Iceland; #432: The Price Of Free Breast Pumps; #331: How Office Politics Could Take Down Europe; #320: How Fear Turned A Surplus Into Scarcity; #431: A Billion-Dollar Bet Against Weight-Loss Shakes; #429: The Price Of Things We Love; #428: Turning A Boom Town Into A Real Town; #427: LeBron James Is Underpaid; #297: A Big Bridge In The Wrong Place; #426: ‘The Rest Of The Story’ (2012 Edition); #238: Making Christmas More Joyful, And More Efficient; #425: An FBI Hostage Negotiator Buys A Car; #424: How Much Is A Firefighter Worth?; #128: Friend or Foe?; #335: Who Killed Lard?; #266: A Former Crack Dealer On The Economics Of Drugs; #403: What Can We Do With Our Shell Companies?

Radiolab: Shorts: Poop Train; Blame; Shorts: Dawn of Midi; Shorts: Rodney Versus Death; Blood; Shorts: Happy Birthday, Good Dr. Sacks; Shorts: Ally’s Choice; Shorts: Curious Sounds from the Solid Sound Festival; Shorts: The Trouble with Everything; Shorts: Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl; VIDEO: Radiolab Behind the Scenes; The Septendecennial Sing-Along; 23 Weeks 6 Days; Shorts: The Distance of the Moon; Shorts: Radiolab Presents: TJ & Dave;  Are You Sure?; REBROADCAST: Emergence; Shorts: The Man Behind the Maneuver; Shorts: Speedy Beet; Speed; Shorts: The Bitter End; Solid as a Rock; Bliss; Shorts: Raising Crane; Inheritance; Shorts: What’s Up, Doc?; Shorts: Seeing in the Dark; Shorts: Dark Side of the Earth;

Revolution Health Radio: RHR: What Are the Hidden Costs of Modern Hygiene?; RHR: All About Kidney Stones, Liver Detoxification, and Calcium; RHR: What to do about nausea, reactions to sugar, and carrageenan; RHR: Could ‘Eating Wild’ Be The Missing Link to Optimum Health?; Introducing My First Book: Your Personal Paleo Code; RHR: Diagnosing and Treating Lyme Disease; RHR: Solutions for Snoring, Overactive Bladder, and Balancing Goitrogens in Your Diet; RHR: New IBS-FODMAP Research, Overtraining and Acne, and Treating Alopecia Areata; RHR: Surprising New Vitamin D Research, The Myth of Multi-tasking, and How The Internet is Rewiring Our Brains; RHR: Early Evidence For Meat Consumption, The Cholesterol Controversy, and Additional Magnesium Sources; RHR: Poor Sleep Patterns, Low Ferritin Levels, and Juice Fasting; RHR: The Hygiene Hypothesis – Is Modern Disease Associated With Being Too Clean?; RHR: Thoughts on Paleofantasy, BPA Toxicity Research, and Book Updates; RHR: Treating SIBO, Cold Thermogenisis, and When to Take Probiotics; RHR: The saturated fat – heart disease myth, colonoscopy health risks, and intermittent fasting; RHR: Gluten triggered IBS-D, Twisted Food Politics, and Overcoming Histamine Intolerance; RHR: Overcoming Low Stomach Acid, Asthma, and Night Time Depression; RHR: What Research Says About Losing Weight and Keeping it Off; RHR: Post Birth Control Syndrome, Night Shift Work, and Chronic Constipation; RHR: The Truth About Flu Shots (and What to do Instead); RHR: Holiday Weight Gain, Sugar Cravings, and Lyme Disease; RHR: Bioidentical Hormones, Acne Scars, and Heavy Metal Toxins; RHR: Adrenal Fatigue, Glutathione Status, and Rheumatoid Arthritis; RHR: The Truth About Toxic Mercury in Fish; RHR: Why Most People Are Sleep-deprived and What to do About it; RHR: Healthy Birth Control, Irregular Periods, and UTI’s; Announcing the High Cholesterol Action Plan; RHR: Naturally Treating Heartburn, Infant Reflux, and Stroke Prevention; RHR: Live From AHS12 – New Research and Theories on Nutrition and Health;  RHR: Pioneering Researcher Alessio Fasano M.D. on Gluten, Autoimmunity & Leaky Gut; RHR: The Latest Discoveries in Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, and Epigenetics; RHR: The Afternoon Sugar Crash, Green Smoothies, and Liver Detoxification; RHR: What Science Really Says About the Paleo Diet – With Mat Lalonde; RHR: Raw Milk Safety, Iron Overload and Finding Calm In Stressful Situations; Episode 7 – Nutrition for fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding; Episode 6 – Kurt Harris on orthorexia, meditation, lipids & more; Episode 5 – Paleo vs. GAPS vs. Weston A. Price; Episode 4 – Hashimoto’s, leaky gut & autoimmune disease; Episode 3 – Blood Type diet, anemia, PCOS, statins & more; Episode 2 – essential fatty acids, fish & fish oil; Episode 1 – Stephan Guyenet on causes and treatment of obesity

Seminars About Long Term Thinking: Peter Schwartz: The Starships ARE Coming; Daniel Kahneman: Thinking Fast and Slow; Craig Childs: Apocalyptic Planet; Ed Lu: Anthropocene Astronomy; Stewart Brand: Reviving Extinct Species; Nicholas Negroponte: Beyond Digital; George Dyson: No Time is There; Chris Anderson: The Maker Revolution; Terry Hunt, Carl Lipo: The Statues Walked; Peter Warshall: Enchanted by the Sun; Lazar Kunstmann, Jon Lackman: Preservation without Permission; Steven Pinker: The Decline of Violence

This American Life: #505: Use Only as Directed, #504: How I Got Into College; #503: I Was Just Trying To Help; #502: This Call May Be Recorded… To Save Your Life; #470: Show Me The Way; #500: 500!; #499: Taking Names; #498: The One Thing You’re Not Supposed To Do; #497: This Week; #464: Invisible Made Visible; #496: When Patents Attack…Part Two!; #495: Hot In My Backyard; #494: Hit the Road; #104: Music Lessons; #493: Picture Show; #492: Dr. Gilmer and Mr. Hyde; #491: Tribes; #490: Trends With Benefits; #233: Starting from Scratch; #489: No Coincidence, No Story!; #488: Harper High School, Part Two; #487: Harper High School, Part One; #486: Valentine’s Day 2013; #188: Kid Logic; #485: Surrogates; #173: Three Kinds of Deception; #484: Doppelgängers; #483: Self-Improvement Kick; #110: Mapping; #482: Lights, Camera, Christmas!; #304: Heretics; #481: This Week; #480: Animal Sacrifice; #479: Little War on the Prairie; #475: Send a Message; #352: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar; #471: The Convert; #207: Special Ed

This… Is Interesting: Singapore’s 4 Percent Health Care Solution; The Smartest Kids in the World Are Not in the U.S.; Quality Journalism: Dead? Or Being Painfully Reborn?; Thought-Controlled Computing; Can America Deal With Dying?; The Republicans’ Secret Weapon?; The Great Unwinding; The 88 Percent; The Arab Spring: Have We Missed the Real Story?This… Is Interesting: The Robots Are Coming!

This Week in Microbiology: TWiM #58: The brain microbiome?; TWiM #57: Updating the human gut microbiome to degrade seaweed; TWiM #53: Live in Manchester; TWiM #52: Clinical microbiology with Ellen Jo Baron; TWiM #51: Cave science with Hazel Barton; TWiM #50: These things aren’t even bacteria!; TWiM #49: Grape-like Clusters; TWiM #48: It’s all about direction; TWiM #47: Resistance on the surface; TWiM #46: Spore!; TWiM #45: Secreted nucleic acids RIG a STING;

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