One year of weekly group supervision by Sheri Marquez, LMFT

Cosmos 1-4

NAVA Native American Veteran Summit 9/8/2014

Culture: A Shared Meaning – Including the Macro Narrative Into Symbolic Interactions taught by Sheri Marquez

Consultations with John Viola, LCSW

CPR/1st Aid class

Nolan Peach’s guitar building workshop

Jack Perrin Maker Space workshop

Neil Brown on 50-51 procedure

Worry Doll workshop by Mercedes

Seeking Safety training

Grey Water Systems workshop by Nicholas Holmes

NIMS/SEMS training

2 day Aging & Long-Term Care training by PCTI

Documentation training on a few occasions by Mercedes

Evolutionize Your Life Michael Dowd

Water Conservation Fair, JT

Geoff Lawton lecture

LGBTQ awareness training. Two of these, one my Ami.

Lecture on stalking at Katherine DeBlique meeting

Veterans Collective on Neurofeedback, CSSB, Dr. Connie McReynolds

quite a bit about psychosis–reading books, online

TED about mushrooms

how to iron shirts, trousers

Working with Veterans With Trauma and PTSD, Gregory Liskin

Equus Medendi training for clinicians

Chris Kresser’s High Cholesterol Action Plan

Post Traumatic Growth lecture and panel

Disability Training

Child Abuse & Neglect class at PCTI

Addiction class by PCTI

SCOM0387 BusyCal 2 – An alternative to OSX Calendar

Lecture by Edward Tick &Kate Dahlstedt of Soldier’s Heart at Joshua Tree Retreat Center, 10/10/2013

C-SPAN – After Words: Eric Schlosser, “Command and Control”; Miller, “Emily Gets Her Gun…But Obama Wants to Take Yours” [Didn’t finish that one. Pretty bad.]; Joshua Dubler, “Down in the Chapel”; Craig Steven Wilder, “Ebony & Ivy”; S. Lochlann Jain, “Malignant”; Husain Haqqani, “Magnificent Delusions”; Abbe Smith & Vida Johnson, “How Can You Represent Those People?”; Larry Sabato, “The Kennedy Half-Century”; Brian Kilmeade, “George Washington’s Secret Six”; (remember alain de botton and corey robin for blog posts or just goodness); Patrick Tucker, the Naked Truth;

C-SPAN – AMerican History TV – Lectures in History: Kerry Irish – The Intellectual George Washington; African Americans in the 1920s; Yohuru Williams – The Civil Rights Movement; Warren Goldstein – Martin Luther King, Jr. in Birmingham, Alabama;

Fareed Zakaria GPS: all episodes between April 13 and September 26

 Freakonomics Radio: Why Bad Environmentalism Is Such an Easy Sell; The Troubled Cremation of Stevie the Cat; How to Raise Money Without Killing a Kitten; Fighting Poverty with Actual Evidence; What do Skating Rinks, Ultimate Frisbee, and the World have in Common?; Who Runs the Internet?; (Remember How biased is your media for and NME post)

Left, Right & Center: 11/26/13, An Iran Deal, Supremes on Obamacare, Gratitude; 11/22/13, Debating Filibusters, Gay Marriage and JFK’s Legacy; 11/15/13, Is Liberalism in Crisis? China in Transition; 11/8/13, A Nuclear Deal with Iran? Electoral Tilting; 11/1/13, NSA Spying and the Obamacare Wars; 10/25/13,, the Snowden Files, JP Morgan’s Big Fine; 10/18/13, Lessons of the Shutdown; 10/11/13, One-Hour Special: Is There A Deal in Sight?; (also I’m not sure if I listened to Washington Chaos or One Fiscal Cliff Down from just earler); 12/13/13 A Bipartisan Budget Deal and the Tea Party Bolts; 12/18/13 TII: Our Final Invention?; 12/20/13 Obama Takes Stock at Year End; 12/26/13 A Year of Inequality: Scourge or Spur?; 1/3/14 Saving Mr. Snowden; 1/10/14 A Dismal Jobs Report and the Christie Bridge-gate; 1/17/14 Obama’s New NSA Plans; 1/24/14 Can Syria Be Solved? The Politics of Personality and Inequality; 1/31/14 The Imperial President or Small Ball? 2/7/14 Does Obamacare Kill Jobs? Will Immigration Pass? 2/14/14 Clean Debt Limit, Obamacare’s Numbers, Gay Marriage, Cable Wars; 2/21/14 The Ukraine, Facebook and WhatsApp, and Climate Change; 2/28/14 The Ukraine, Shrinking the Military, and Gay Marriage; 3/7/14 Russians in Ukraine, Republican Future, the Inevitability of Hillary; 3/14/14 Senate v. CIA and Climate Change; 3/221/14 Russian Sanctions, NSA MYSTIC and the Hobby Lobby Case; 3/28/14 Crimea Naivete, Hobby Lobby, Trusting the NSA; 4/4/14 Obamacare Signs Up 7 Million, SCOTUS Changes Campaign Finances; 4/11/14 The US, Russia and Ukraine; Sebelius Leaving; 4/18/14 Cooling Off in Ukraine, Warming Up for the GOP; 4/25/14 Inequality, Foreign Affairs Troubles, and a Nevada Rancher; A Good and Bad Economy, Ukraine, the Death Penalty; 5/9/14 DC Drama, Ukraine, Nigeria, the Return of Monica Lewinsky; 5/16/14 Jill Abramson Fired, Karl Rove on Hillary, VA Scandal; 5/23/14 VA Scandal, China’s Cyber War and Gas Deal; 5/30/14 Deadly Shooting, Obama Foreign Policy and Edward Snowden; 6/6/14 The Bergdahl Exchange, a Soft Economy, and Dowd Gets Baked; 6/13/14 Eric Cantor Steps Down and Debating Iraq; 6/20/14 What Now in Iraq and Syria, House GOP, Scott Walker; 6/27/14 The Supreme Court Goes… Phonanimous? 7/3/14 Good Money News, Hobby Lobby Fallout, and FB?s Big Experiment; 7/12/14 The Global Mess Edition; 7/18/2014 Jet Downed in Ukraine, Rolling Into Gaza, Iran Deadline; 7/25/14 Days of Rage in Gaza, the Ukraine, Obamacare and Paul Ryan; 8/8/14 Air Strikes in Iraq, Obama’s Poor Poll Numbers, and 40 Years after Nixon; 8/15/14 Tragedy in Ferguson, Al-Maliki Steps Down, Hillary Speaks Out; 8/22/14 The Hot and Cold Edition; 8/29/14 Ukraine, ISIS, Burger King and Drones; 9/5/14 NATO, BP Accountability, Politics of Joan Rivers; 9/12/14 Obama’s New War, Scotland’s Vote, Campaign Finance; 9/19/14 Scotland, ISIS, Alibaba, Midterms

Planet Money: 551: The Case Against Patents; 471: The Eddie Murphy Rule; 550: When Salaries Aren’t Secret; 549: A Teenager’s Guide to Doing Business in North Korea; The Real Price of College; 548: Project Eavesdrop; 547: How to Punish a Bank; 546: Fear, Negativity And Pawn Shops for the Rich; 545: The Blue Pallet; 544 The M&M Anomaly; 472 The One-Page Plan to Fix Global Warming; 543: A World Without Banks; 542: Can an Economy be too good? 541: Who Owns the Air?; 540: Great Expectations; 539: What’s a Penny Worth?; 538: Is a Stradivarius Just a Violin?; 537: Hold the Music, Just the Lyrics, Please; 536: The Future of Work Looks Like a UPS Truck; 535: Humanitarians, For a Price; 534: The History of Light; 532 The Wild West of the Internet; 531: The Tough, The Sweet, and the Nosey; 530: Marijuana, Law School, and Centuries of Inequality; 529: The Last Mile; 528: Money, Work, and TV; 527: The Amazing Shrinking Economy Might Stop Shrinking; 526: A Planet Money War; 525: Trouble Inside A Babysitting Economy; 524: Me and Mr. Jones; 523: The Fight Over Ukraine’s Gas Bill; 522: The Invention of “The Economy”; 521: The Town that Loves Death; 520: Duke’s $30.000 Tuition Discount; 519: Wall Street’s Image Problem; 518: How to Bore Someone Into Donating an Organ; 517: The Fastest Growing, Least Popular Airline in America; 516: Why Paying $192 For a 5-minute Car ride may be rational; 515: A bet over bitcoin; 514: How Bernanke set off tomato protests in Brazil; 513: Dear Economist, I need a date?; 512: Can Mezcal Save a Village?; 511: Rule Breakers; 510 The Birth of the minimum wage; 509: Will a computer decide whether you get your next job?; 508: a bet on the future of humanity; 282: Inside the credit card black market; 507: the rest of the story; 506: Bell wars; 505: A locked Door, A secret meeting and the birth of the fed; 504: Can hospitals save money by making doctors squirm? 503: adding up the cost of the Planer Money T-Shirt; 502: The afterlife of a T-shirt. #501: A Shirt, A Meat Grinder And The Book Of Everything; #499: Richard Nixon, Kimchi And The First Clothing Factory In Bangladesh; #498: The Last T-Shirt In Colombia; #496: Where The Planet Money T-Shirt Began; #495: The Weird Inner Workings Of The Payday Loan Business; #494: What Happens When You Just Give Money To Poor People?; #462: When Patents Hit the Podcast; #493: What’s A Bubble? (Nobel Edition); #377: Can Lincoln Be Cool Again?; #492: M. Erb’s Amazon Empire; #391: The Anti-Addiction Pill That’s Big Business For Drug Dealers; #407: A Mathematician, The Last Supper And The Birth Of Accounting; #491: The Debt Ceiling, Obamacare And Welfare; #490: The Real Economy Of Fantasy Sports; #352: The High-Tech Cow; #472: The One-Page Plan To Fix Global Warming (!!!); #546: Fear, Negativity And Pawn Shops For The Rich; #552: The Dollar At The Center Of The World; #554: How The Burrito Became A Sandwich; #555: Why Is The Milk In The Back Of The Store? #556: Some Assembly Required; #557: Doing Business Like A Refugee; #558: Spending Big Money To Fight Big Money; #559: Detroit’s Water Bill; #560: Hunting For The Hundreds; #561: How The Future Looked 50 Years Ago; #562: A Mall Divided; #564: The Signature; #565: The Story Of Alibaba; #566: The Zoo Economy; #567: Getting Unstuck; Episode 568: Snoops, Hackers And Tin Foil Hats; #569: How To Divide An Imaginary Pie;

Radiolab: Shorts: An Ice-Cold Case; Shorts: Cut and Run; UPDATE: Famous Tumors; Shorts: Quicksaaaand! Hello; Shorts: for the Birds; Galapagos; Shorts: 9-Volt Nirvana; Shorts: <kg; Things; Shorts: The Skull; Shorts: Straight Outta Chevy Chase; Shorts: KILL “EM ALL; What’s Left When You’re Right? Shorts: Neither Confirm Nor Deny; Shorts: Brown Box; Black Box;  Shorts: The Times They Are a-Changin’; Shorts: Sex, Ducks, and the Founding Feud; Juicervose; Super Cool;

Revolution Health Radio: RHR: You Are What Your Bacteria Eat: The Importance of Feeding Your Microbiome – With Jeff Leach; RHR: How to be Insanely Productive Without Destroying Your Health (part 2); RHR: How to be Insanely Productive Without Destroying Your Health; RHR: Fukushima Radiation, Cavities, and Liver Disease; RHR: What Are the Hidden Costs of Modern Hygiene? A Sneak Peek into the Future of Food Production; How To Restore Healthy Gut Flora over the Long-Term; Beyond BPA – What the Plastics Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know; All About Fecal Transplants; How to be Insanely Productive Without Destroying Your Health; Fukushima Radiation, Cavities, and Liver Disease; Gluten triggered IBS-D, Twisted Food Politics, And Overcoming Histamine Intolerance; Adrenal Fatigue, Glutathione Status, and Rheumatoid Arthritis; Episode 4 – Hashimoto’s, leaky gut & autoimmune disease

Science NPR feed fall and winter

Seminars about Long Term Thinking: Richard Kurin: American History in 101 Objects; Adam Steltzner: Beyond Mars, Earth; Mariana Mazzucato: the Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Private…; Tony Hsieh: Helping Revitalize a City; Sylvia Earle, Tierney Thys; Oceanic; Stefan Kroepelin: Civilization’s Mysterious Desert Cradle: Rediscovering the Deep Sahara; Adrian Hon: A History of the Future in 100 Objects; Anne Neuberger: Inside the NSA

TED Radio Hour: Believers and Doubters; How We Love; Spoken and Unspoken; Brand Over Brain; What We Fear; Getting There; Why We Lie; What is Original? Peering Into Space; The Hackers; Champions; Disruptive Leadership; Growing Up; Simply Happy; Unstoppable Learning; From Curiosity to Discovery;

This American Life: #512: House Rules; #510: Fiasco!; #509: It Says So Right Here; #508: Superpowers 2013; #507: Confessions: #506: Secret Identity: #495: Hot in My Backyard

This Week in Parasitism: TWiP 45: Free range Toxoplasma with John Boothroyd; TWiP 44: Parasites provide a cricket subsidy for trout; TWiP 42: The tick keeps on ticking; TWiP 40: Doctor, there’s a worm in my eye!

This Week in Microbiology: TWiM #59: Are viruses part of our immune system? TWiM #60: Microbial electrochemistry and diversity-generating retroelements; TWiM #61: The irony of probiotics; TWiM #62: Breaking bad and protein chain mail; TWiM #63: Superantigens, S. aureus, and the armpit microbiome; TWiM #64: URI and UTI at ICAAC in Denver; TWiM #65: Leanness is transmissible; TWiM #66: The shape of a container; TWiM #67: Black mushrooms and RNA thermosensors; TWiM #68: The fungus among us; TWiM #69: Bacterial DNA in the human genome; look at year 42. Looks like I’ve listened to # 66, 65, and 30 minutes of 59, plus all the way up through episode 58

This Week in virology: TWiV 180: Throwing IFIT at flu and holding a miR to HCV

This is Interesting: The Deep Roots of Our Political Divide; Doubling Down on Campaign 2012; The Charitable Industrial Complex; Art As Therapy; The Tea Party View; The State of the American Worker;

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