Life After Radio: Episode 9: Back Into the Loving Arms of Meat

Planet Money episodes: #204 : We’re Number Two!; Deep Read: Nassim Taleb, #205 : Allowance, Taxes And Potty Training, #203 : Creating Lanes On The Information Superhighway, #202 : The Great Stimulus Experiment, #197 : We Take Toxie On The Road, #198 : Toxie’s Dark Past, #199 : Tallying Up The Pelican Bill, #200 : The Moonshine Stimulus, #201 : Monopoly, A Dangerous Game?, #196 : Grandmother vs. Grandson, Steel-Cage Match , #195 : Death Saves You Money, #194 : What the Finance Bill Doesn?t Tell Us , #193 : LeBronomics , #192 : The Pain-In-The-Butt Index , #191 : Good News From Haiti, #190 : The Billionaire And The Tire Repairman, #189 : Why A Dead Shark Costs $12 Million, Deep Read: Raghuram Rajan, #188 : Tomatoes, Tradition And The Global Economy, #187 : Too Much Lithium Is Depressing, #186 : Haiti’s Rice Market Is A Mess, #185 : Sex, Drugs And Regulation, #184 : The Million-Dollar Microsecond, #183 : India’s Economy Is Booming, But Not For Everybody, Deep Read: Ian Bremmer, #182 : What If Everybody Chipped In To Pay Off the National Debt?, #181 : Can A Public Radio Shirt Be Cool?, #180 : Is The Joyride On Wall Street Really Over?, #179 : Toxie’s In A Coma, #178 : Inside A Payday Loan Shop, #177 : We See Angelina’s Bottom Line, #176 : Athens And The Bond Kings Of Newport Beach, #175 : When BB+ Is A Bad Grade , #174 , Honey, #173 : Fear and Taxes in Jamaica, #172 : In Search Of The Red Tape Factory, #171 : How An Indian Entrepreneur Learned To Love Paying Bribes, #170 : Goldman, Answer The Question, #169 : When An Asset Turns Toxic, Who You Gonna Sue?, #168 : Rock and Roll Economics, #167 : New York Fed Chief, Bubble Fighter , #166 : The Fed Wants To Sell You A Mall In Oklahom, #165 : Shipping Is Underwater, #164 : A Private-Equity Boss In Four-Inch Stilettos, #163 : After The Flood, #162 : Ok, He Signed It. Now What?, #161 : Did China’s Central Bank Take Your Job?, #160 : In Haiti, A Prime Minister’s Lament, #159 : What To Watch For In The Finance Bill,#158 : We Bought A Toxic Asset!, #157 : Why Greece Is Struck With The Euro, #156 : Why GDP Matters For Schoolkids, #155 : Haiti’s High Hopes For Vegas Magic Show, #154 : Why Greece Matters, #153 : Why Is A Corporation A Person?, #152 : Small Business, Big Debts In Haiti, #150 : Our Messy, Inefficient Economy, #149 : Starting From Scratch In Haiti, #148: : When Cinnamon Moved Markets, #147 : To Stay Or Walk Away, #146 : An Economist Gets Stoned, #145 : ‘Yo!’ Raps, #144 : Gambling with House Money, #143 : Taxing Health Care, #142 : Tax Me Please

All Left, Right and Center episodes through 8/20/10

Radiolab episodes: Shorts: Blink, New Normal?, Shorts: Helicopter Boy, Shorts: Killing Babies, Saving the World, Placebo, Animal Minds, Fu Manchu, The Shy Baboon, Lucy, Do I Know You?, The Bus Stop, Limits, The Loudest Miniature Fuzz, Vanishing Words, Famous Tumors, Deception, Strangers in the Mirror, Oops, The Luckiest Lobster, Secrets of Success, Words, Voices in Your Head

Seminars About Long-Term Thinking: Juan Enriques – Mapping the Frontiers of Knowledge, George Dyson – There’s Plenty of Room at the Top: Long-term thinking about Large-Scale Comuputing, James Dewar – Long-Term Policy Analysis, Daniel Janzen – Third World Conservation: It’s ALL Gardening, David Rumsey – Mapping Time, Jill Tarter – The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, Philip Longman – The Depopulation Problem, Ken Dychtwald – The Consequences of Human LIfe Extension, Roger Kennedy – The Political History of North America from 25,000 BC to 12,000 AD, Stewart Brand – Cities and Time, Stewart Brand – Rethinking Green, Robert Neuwirth – The 21st Century Medieval City, Jared Diamond – How Societies Fail, Robert W. Fuller – Patient Revolution: Human Rights Past and Future, Freeman, George and Esther Dyson – The Difficulty of Looking Far Ahead, Clay Shirkey – Making Digital Durable, Sam Harris – The View fro mthe End of the World, Kevin Kelly – The Next 100 Years of Science, Jimmy Wales – Vision: Wikipedia and the Future of Free Culture, Chris Anderson & Will Hearst – The Long Time Tail, Will Wright and Brian Eno – Playing With Time, John Baez – Zooming Out In Time, Philip Rosedale – Second Life, Philip Tetlock – Why Foxes are Better Forecasters than Hedgehogs, Vernor Vinge – What if the Singularity Doesn’t Happen?, Paul Hawken – The Long Green, Brian Fagan – We Are Not the First to Suffer Through Climate Change, Steven Johnson – The Long Zoom, Paul Hawken – The New Great Transformation, Gwyneth Cravens with Rip Anderson – Power to Save the World, Wade Davis – The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World, Alan Weisman – World Without Us, World With Us, Beth Novick – Transparent Government, David Eagleman – Six Easy Steps to Avert the Collapse of Civilization, Nils Gilman – Deviant Globalization, Ed Moses = Clean Fusion Power This Decade, Frank Gavin – Five Ways to Use History Well, Jesse Schell – Visions of the Gamepocalypse, Martin Reese – Life’s Future in the Cosmos

This American Life episodes: #390: Return to the Giant Pool of Money, #137: THe Book That Changed YOur Life, #391: More is Less, #392: Someone Else’s Money, #213: Devil on My Shoulder, #393: Infidelity, #394: Bait and Switch, #233 Starting from Scratch,#398 Long Shot, #374 Somewhere Out There, #399 Contents Unknown, #81 Guns, #199 House on Loon Lake, #400 Stories Pitched by Our Parent, #401 Parent Trap, #204 81 Words, #377 Scenes From a Recession, #402 Save the Day, #246 My Pen Pal, #403 NUMMI, #404 Enemy Camp 2010, #405 INside Job, #175 Babysitting, #406 True Urban Legends, #379 Return to the Scene of the Crime, #407 The Bridge, #225 Home Movies, #408 Island Time, #102 Roadtrip!, #409 Held Hostage, #410 Social Contract, #411 First Contact, #109 Notes on Camp, #385 Pro Se, #412 Million Dollar Idea, #383 Origin Story, #413 Georgia Rambler, #259 Promised Land, #178 Superpowers, #397 2010, #398 Long Shot

Doves, all songs

Death Cab for Cutie, all songs

Tears for Fears The Hurting

John Given’s list of his finest country: WHAT, COUNTRY?!

Elbow The Seldom Seen Kid

Song lists compiled by Chad:

All U2 songs

Radiohead B-sides

Celebration of Plastic



80s Pop

Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time

Top 500 Modern Rock Songs

Seventy Songs from the 70s

Ninety 90s Anthems

KWVA, the University of Oregon’s college station.

Reanna’s love song mix

Brian Eno Music for Airports, Neroli, I Domienti

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