This list is for 9/29/2012-9/29/2013. I did not keep up with it as well as previous years, but a lot of it’s here:

“Time to end the war on saturated fat?”

“Bath Salts Drug Trend,”

“Fungus Inside Us: A New Health Frontier?”

“Should You Take a Probiotic?” Mother Jones

“Antibiotics Before Dental Work,”

“Hypercleanliness may be making us sick,” Washington Post

Wikipedia: Bleach, sodium hypochlorite

[also see blog list]

CA DMV Drivers Handbook

CA DMV Motorcycle Handbook

The Butlerian Jihad


“What a Conspiracy Theorist Believes,” Gary Marcus,

“How to Walk Across a Parking Lot,”

“Album Review: Johnny Marr Delivers with The Messenger,”

“The Father of All Men is 34000 year old,”

A Civilian Counselor’s Primer for Counseling Veterans 2nd edition Herbert A. Exum, Jose E. Coll, Eugenia L. Weiss

“Saliva and Tooth Dissolution,”

Wikipedia: Lard, Allostatic Load, Shangri-La Diet

Lots of Morongo Basin Mental Health training material, especially the San Bernardino County Outpatient Chart Manual

“I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother,” Liza Long

“Seeing God in the Third Millennium,” Oliver Sacks

“Fever,” wikipedia

The Hobbit

Skippy Dies, Paul Murray

Lying on the Couch, Irvin Yalom

“Anti-oxidants: A Disappointment or Worse”

“THe United States Marine Corps: America’s Expeditionary Force in Readiness,” powerpoint on

“Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore,” MAT HONAN,

“Military PTSD: All-Star Scientists Start Mental Health Mega-Project,”

“Military-related PTSD and Intimate Relationships: From Description to Theory-Driven Research and Intervention Development,” Candice M. Monson, Casey T. Taft, and Steffany J. Fredman

“Literary Bond Superior to Movie Bond,” the

“Why I’ll Vote for Romney,” David Frum, Daily Beast

“The GOP’s media cocoon,” jonathan Martin,

“Most people can fake a genuine ‘Duchenne’ smile,”

“Top Ten Military Sex Scandals, Part One,Part Three” David Frum,

“The Real GOP Fiasco: Fairness,” Wick Allison, November 3-12

“The Conservative Bubble Influences More than Just Politics,” David Frum,

“Obama and the GOP Must Learn from Their Mistakes,” Thomas Friedman,

“Hippies Wander Into the Lions Den, Maul Lions,”

“Why Do White People Think Mitt Romney Should Be President?” Tom Scocca,

“Republicans Need to Take Their Party Back,” Froma Harrop, nationofchangeorg Self Study in Supervision, LMFT License Requirements, Online License/Registration Verification

“Stochastically Orthogonal,” LRB blog

“Gallup vs. the World,”

Wikipedia: Female copulatory vocalizations, Glutathione, Heart Rate

“Four More Years,” “Backward Ran Sentences…,” “Letting the Baby Dance,” “Crime and Clarity,” The Economist

“Reubin Andres, an Advocate of Weight Gain, Dies at 89,”

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