A bunch of blog posts from quodlibetarian.blogspot.com, zemita.net, Modern Farmer, Fareed Zakaria, A Maggid’s Musings, BlakeBoles’ blog, Joshua Tree Homestead, Alderrr.com, amosamos.net, Chris Kresser, Livin the good life

couple chapters of On Killing

“Identity, not ideology, is moving the world,” Fareed Zakaria

Wikipedia: sin eater, psychosis, a bunch more

“Matt Power: Headlamp a Must,” Harpers.org

“According to Facebook, Daylight Saving Made Us Tired But Happy,” atlantic.com

“Matthew Power, Wide-Roving Journalist, Dies at 39,” NYTimes.com

“Journalist Matthew Power Dies On Assignment At Age 39,” npr.org

“American travel journalist Matthew Power, 39, dies suddenly while on assignment in Uganda,” dailymail.co.uk

Season of Mists, Neil Gaiman

Art as Therapy, Alain de Button

“Matthew Power Dead: Journalist Dies While On Assignment In Uganda,” Huffingtonpost.com

“Remembering Journalist Matthew Power,” Observer.com

“Late Journalist Matthew Power Inspired a Generation,” Newswatch.nationalgeographic.com

“Matthew Power (1974–2014),” Harpers.org

“Matthew Power dies in Uganda,” Poynter.org

Polyamory article in Family Therapy

“Study: Facebook Use Patterns That Predict Disordered Eating,” Atlantic.com

Chapter on Solution Focused Therapy, forget the book, Sheri’s recommendation

DSM 4 on psychosis, mania

A Few Lifted Words, Ethan Mitchell

A Hologram for the King, David Eggers

America Again: Rebecoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t, Stephen Colbert

“Why Gamers Can’t Stop Playing First-Person Shooters,” newyorker.com

Animals Make Us Human, Temple Grandin

The Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama

4-hour Body, Tim Ferriss, about half

4-Hour Chef, Tim Ferriss, about 1/5

First Episode of Psychosis

Seduction of Madness chapter on psychosis

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