1. What experiences and/or factors have contributed to your choice to pursue a career in marriage and family therapy?
  2. What is your personal belief about the basic nature of human beings (good/bad?, sinful?, holy?, basically flawed or basically normal/functional?  etc.)?
  3. How do you determine what counts as knowledge (and/or truth)?  If you were to learn about a new discovery, how would you determine the truthfulness or validity of the new information?
  4. Is permanent change in human behavior possible?  Defend your answer with an example.
  5. What are your ideas about some of the important conditions for change in human behavior and relationships?  What factors are most important?  What factors are over or under-appreciated in our current culture?
  6. Based on your answer to the previous question, consider the process of change in human behavior.  Specifically, consider whether people change because their thoughts/feelings/beliefs/values change (intrapsychic)…or because their context and interpersonal relationships change.
  7. What are my beliefs about the important characteristics for a therapist to possess (directive, reflexive, accepting, caring, challenging, dogmatic, neutral etc.).  Why are these important?
  8. What are your thoughts about the role of marriage and family therapists in society as a whole?  Why do we have therapists and what function do they serve in the big picture?

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