Blake Boles

I always love a conversation with Blake Boles. We never fail to get into interesting territory. He recently interviewed me for his podcast, Off Trail Learning, and that episode is embedded below. The topic is the challenges of freedom in unschooling. Unschooling is a libertarian (meaning focused on, valuing, and providing freedom for the student) educational style which is at the center of my long-time second home and family, Not Back to School Camp. If you are interested in unschooling, Blake’s podcast is a good way to learn about it. Check out his interviews with Grace Llewellyn of NBTSC, Dev Carey of High Desert Center (“On the perils of goal setting”) and Liam Nilsson of Endor (“Who should unschool and who shouldn’t”). I aimed my interview at joining in on their conversations.

Grace, Yared, Frisbee Game

Cuddle Puddle

A Few of My Favorite Food Servers

Forest Dell

Vanessa, Jake

Grace, Yared, Poppy

Staff Circle, Left

Staff Circle, Middle

Staff Circle, Right

Nathen With Delicious Cupcake, Camp Myrtlewood

Blake Losing a Wrestling Match, Gawkers

Dandy Treeclimbing, Camp Latgawa


Session 1 Advisee Group

Christian, Jeannie, Ia'ala, Yared, John

Community Meeting, Session 2

Angry Mob Takes Blake to the Swimming Hole

Christian, Reanna, My Knees

Reanna, Ia'ala

Reanna, Nathen, Camp Myrtlewood

Every year I work at a summer camp for home- and unschooled teenagers, Not Back to School Camp. This will be my twelfth year–thirty some sessions. It is usually the highlight of my year. An NBTSC alumni, Allen Ellis, made this video about it in 2009. Maya posted it on her blog a couple of months ago, and I’m copying her. In moments like this I really wonder who it is that reads my blog. I suspect you are 97% my family and NBTSC friends, who have already seen this. Oh well. This is for the other 3%, whose names are mostly David, Ceri, and Emily.

The guy in the still shot that heads the video is my friend Blake Boles. Every time I see this shot I wonder if Allen asked his permission to use it like that. It’s a funny one.