I made $113.56, which put me at number 10,916th in the US for mustache-based fundraising for The Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong. The US came in a distant 4th place out of the countries participating in Movember:
118,809 Registrations
$19,928,666 (all $ amounts USD)
129,757 Registrations
$19,095,316 Raised
111,661 Registrations
$12,305,524 Raised
64,825 Registrations
$6,506,491 Raised
12,709 Registrations
$1,516,673 Raised
9,487 Registrations
$599,193 Raised
And, since I made more than $100, as I promised, here are some photos of my mustache. Thanks to Reanna for instagramming and catpainting them. And thanks so much to my generous donors, Pauli, Reanna, Debra, Ryan, and Doug.

I posted on November 6 that I was growing a mustache during the month of November as part of an international campaign for prostate and testicular cancer awareness: Movember. I also said that I would post a photo of the final product here if I made $100 for the cause. I now have what some might call a luxuriant (adj. characterized by abundant growth) one-month old mustache, so here’s the almost-final report on the fund raising:

My mustache has made $32.56 for the cause. That means that a mustache photo here will cost you $67.44 or, more likely, a bunch of you a few dollars. Here’s the link, if you want to donate.

I am currently ranked 17,090th in the US for funds raised. That’s pretty good for a campaign that’s only a few years old. That means that the bare minimum we’ve raised is $512,870.89, and it’s probably many times that amount. And that’s just in the US.